Old McDonald

    Old McDonald

    Before singing the song “Old McDonald”, teach and review the animals with pictures and toy. Imitate their sounds and movements. Have fun mooing, woofing, quacking etc.

    Demonstrate here, there and everywhere with your hand movements or jumping and crawling here, there and everywhere.

    Sing the song with drama and sounds.

    Old McDonald has a farm,
    What is that?
    It’ a duck,
    Quack, quack, quack,
    Quack quack here, quack quack there quack quack everywhere.
    Old McDonald has a farm,
    What is that?
    It’ a cat,
    Meow, meow, meow,
    Meow, meow here, meow, meow there, meow, meow everywhere.

    And so on with other animals your baby will learn.

    You should know

    –  Babies love animals and making their sounds.

    –  Interest in animals and kindness to them inspire love and understanding qualities in infants and children as well as reduces stress in them.

    –  Concepts of here, there and everywhere are taught here.


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