Newborn Checklist: Top 6 Things Your Newborn Really Needs

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    There is lots of information, printed and online one that tells you what stuff you should buy to simplify your little one’s first year of life. And very often the sources of this information contradict one another. So, the following newborn checklist will help you to understand at least what stuff your baby will REALLY need, and what things you still can do without.

    Except diapers and clothing, you will need the following things.

    A stroller

    Strollers are of various types. They differ in the type of folding, weight and functionality.

    Experienced moms prefer lightweight strollers. It’s convenient to store such a stroller (it does not take much space), to walk with it, to transfer it in a car. The older the child, the more lightweight the stroller can be used.

    A baby carrier

    You can easily take it whenever you go. It doesn’t take much space and your baby will calmly rest feeling your smell and warmth.

    A crib

    That’s a necessary thing, because your child should have a place you can always calmly leave your child in.

    A car seat

    That’s a baby must-have. A car seat will help either to completely protect the child in the event of an accident, or to significantly soften the injuries (with a strong hit). Even if you drive carefully, this does not mean that other drivers are responsible on the road too.

    A bathtub

    It’s convenient to fill it with a little water and to bathe your newborn in. Moreover, your child will feel more confident and calm when in a small amount of water, he will cry less. And you will find it easy to control the temperature of water in a little bathtub.

    Scissors and a little brush

    These things are necessary when caring for your newborn. Her nails grow too quickly and you should timely cut them. A brush is necessary to brush and clean your little one’s gentle skin of the head.


    They will be especially of great use in summertime, when it is hot outside and you have to give your baby water or juices when she is thirsty. And if your baby is bottle fed, you will need them from the first months of her life.

    And the last tip: don’t buy the things for your baby in a last minute, think things through ahead of time before your little one arrives, buy the necessary stuff and save more money.

    What more things would you add to the newborn essentials list? What things do you think are necessary and what ones are not?


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