Newborn Baby Reflexes

    Baby Reflexes

    Inherent newborn baby reflexes – is a specific baby’s response to a certain external stimulus. Reflexes are mainly studied in order to evaluate the nervous system condition.

    Normally, all reflexes have their appearance and disappearance time. Some reflexes are observed almost from birth and decay over time, while others will only appear when the child grows up.

    If a child is healthy his reflexes should be symmetrical, i.e. response should be the same on both right and left sides. Reflexes asymmetry is spoken about when reflexes are normally caused on the one side and are absent  on the other one.

    For example, in the study of Grasping Reflex (the method of this reflex see below), the child captures your fingers well with one hand and does not do this with the other one. In this case you should consult a pediatrician.

    Strengthening and weakening of reflex matter.

    Sharp depression or lack of reflexes may be connected with the muscle tone disorder (sharp decrease or increase), with the nervous system pathology (its immaturity, etc.), infectious and inflammatory diseases, etc.

    Moderate strengthening of basic innate reflexes is observed when neuromuscular excitability raises.

    Evaluating the reflexes study results, it should be noted that they have diagnostic value only in combination with other symptoms. Any reflex change while other neurological disorders are absent is not a pathology.

    If anything alarms you in your child’s behavior when his reflexes are being studied, better consult a physician. Only a specialist neurologist can properly assess the nervous system condition.

    If the baby is healthy, the stimulation of some reflexes are very good for him, it would serve him as a kind of gymnastics. For example, such reflexes are crawling reflex, support reflex and others. The use of physiological reflex processes stimulates the development of spontaneous movements at first, and then purposeful ones.

    In short, the stimulation of the innate newborn baby reflexes can serve as an entertainment for the whole family and a useful exercise to develop a child. The reflexes are studied  in the warm, well-lit room. Baby should be awake, relatively calm and not hungry. Your movements should not be painful to the baby.


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