Nature Crafts for Kids: Very Funny Owls

    Nature Crafts

    Nature crafts for kids develop both imagination and boundless creativity, and give you an opportunity to spend an interesting, fun, and useful time with the children. Let’s see how to make an owl using the materials you have on hand – pieces of wood, pine cones, clear sheet protectors, etc.

    An “owl” panel

    You will need:

    – a piece of board for the background;
    – 4 narrow pieces of tree bark;
    – pine cones of different diameters (2 large and 2 small ones);
    – grinding skins;
    – a power jigsaw or a saw (to cut the pine cones in halves);
    – colored paper (velvet, cardboard), buttons or googly eyes, a piece of chenille wire (brown or black);
    – decorative details (moss, branches of a fir and a thuja tree);
    – a hammer;
    – small iron nails or screws;
    – a hot glue gun.

    Nature Crafts for Kids-1

    Peel the bark from the inside removing the soft foundation.

    Position the pieces of the tree bark along the four sides of the board to choose the best combination. Fasten the pieces of the tree bark with the iron nails or the hot glue.

    Nature Crafts for Kids-2

    Choose the pine cones of different diameters for the body and the head. Use the power jigsaw to saw the pine cones in halves, and take only the bottoms. Lightly press the scales down to make the pine cones flat.

    Nature Crafts for Kids-3

    Join the big pine cone with the little one by sticking them together with the scales and fastening with the hot glue.

    Make “a face”. Stick all the parts with the hot glue.

    Nature Crafts for Kids-4

    Nature Crafts for Kids-5

    Fix the owls to the board. Decorate the frame with moss, branches of a thuja and a fir tree.

    An owl made out of clear sheet protector and leaves

    You will need:
    – a clear sheet protector;
    – dry leaves or other “soft” parts of plants;
    – colored paper (better velvet);
    – a piece of twine;
    – scissors;
    – a hot glue gun (or any other glue).

    Cut off the holes of the sheet protector so that is still remains sealed.

    Nature Crafts for Kids-6

    Prepare the details: the eyes (2 pieces of a large orange oval and 2 smaller black ones), as well as the large paws and the beak. Make the “face” before you start filling the sheet protector. Attach the eyes and the beak.

    Nature Crafts for Kids-7

    Tightly fill the sheet protector with some dry grass, leaves, hop cones, or any other soft material you have on hand. Make sure that the material does not have sharp and hard parts that can tear the sheet protector.

    Nature Crafts for Kids-8

    When filling the owl, be careful with the side where you cut off the holes – this is a weak part of the craft.

    When the sheet protector is full, tie its upper ends to form the owl’s ears. Run the edges of the sheet protector from the open side one under the other so that the owl’s head is tightly closed. Glue the paws.

    If you fill the owl with aromatic herbs or onion skin and do small holes on the back of the craft (with a hot needle, for example), you will get an accessory that is good for your health. You can place the aromatherapeutic owl on the child’s desk or near his bed.

    Nature Crafts for Kids-9

    Polar owls made out of pine cones and cotton wool

    You will need:

    – well-dried, opened pine cones;
    – feathers;
    – cotton pads;
    – colored paper (preferably velvet or cardboard);
    – small black buttons or googly eyes;
    – a small piece of drape, felt;
    – scissors;
    – a hot glue gun.

    Wrap the pine cones with some cotton wool. Evenly distribute the material so that the tips of the scales are visible, and the cavities are covered with the cotton wool.

    Nature Crafts for Kids-10

    Instead of the wings, use rough feathers. Shape them the way you wish. Glue the wings with the hot glue gun.

    Nature Crafts for Kids-11

    Nature Crafts for Kids-12

    Make the owls’ “faces” out of cotton pads the way you see on the picture or any other way you like. Cut the beak out of the felt or drape.

    Nature Crafts for Kids-13

    Make the eyes out of paper, and instead of pupils use the buttons or just googly eyes. Fix the parts with the hot glue. To make ears, glue the feathers as well; in this case they should be pointed and thin.

    Nature Crafts for Kids-14

    Glue the face to the pine cone.

    Nature Crafts for Kids-15

    Owls made out of logs and wood rounds

    You’ll need:

    – a pair of logs with smooth edges (dimensions depend on you desire);
    – wood rounds of different diameters;
    – thin branches;
    – a piece of felt or drape;
    – pieces of tree bark;
    – a secateurs;
    – white and black gouache, a brush;
    – PVA glue;
    – saw;
    – a hammer;
    – small iron nails or hot glue gun;
    – a grindstone (to grind the wood rounds. The surfaces of both the head and the eyes should be smooth.)

    Nature Crafts for Kids-16

    To make one owl you’ll need:

    – 1 log (the body);
    – 1 large wood round (the head);
    – 2 medium sized wood rounds and 2 small ones (the eyes);
    – a pair of coarse feathers, several thin branches of the same length (the ears);
    – 1 triangle made out of felt (the beak);
    – 2 oval pieces of tree bark (the wings).

    Color the middle sized wood rounds white ahead of time (these are the whites of the eyes). For the gouache to stick to the material, mix it with the PVA glue (in a separate bowl) and apply then a thick layer of it. Repeat the action if necessary after the gouache dries. Do the same with the pupils. Color their sidewalls as well. Dry the parts well, stick them with the hot glue.

    Cut the thin branches with the secateurs into pieces. Cut off the tips of the feathers so that they split and look like the ears of an owl. Make the owl’s ears by gluing the feathers and branches to the back of the whites of the owl’s eyes.

    Nature Crafts for Kids-17

    Glue the ready eyes to the “face” and fix the “face” on the trunk. For the “face” not to tilt forward, place a piece of a thin branch under the chin.

    Hew the wings making the pointed ovals. Thoroughly remove the soft parts off the inside of the wings. Attach the wings slightly ahead using the iron nails or the hot glue.

    Nature Crafts for Kids-18

    Owls made out of pine cones and yarn

    You’ll need:

    – pine cones;
    – thick multicolored yarn;
    – a piece of felt or drape;
    – feathers;
    – walnut shells (the wings);
    – colored paper (velvet, cardboard);
    – chenille wire (black or brown);
    – small black buttons or googly eyes;
    – a pumpkin seed (or a piece of cardboard of the same shape);
    – scissors;
    – a hot glue gun.

    Nature Crafts for Kids-19

    Wrap the pine cones with some coarse yarn in a random order. Fasten the ends of the yarn with the hot glue.

    Nature Crafts for Kids-20

    Cut a two-sided pointed oval out of the felt – that’s the “face” of an owl. Make the eyes out of the paper and the pupils out of the buttons (or just use googly eyes). Glue the beak and the eyes on the “face”. Fix the ears on the reverse side of the “face”.

    Nature Crafts for Kids-21

    Put the large glue drops on the walnut shells and fix the future wings in the places where shoulders should be.

    From below, glue the paws made out of the wire. You can substitute the chenille wire with some thin branches.

    Nature Crafts for Kids-22

    Nature Crafts for Kids-23

    When making such crafts, you surely will spend a fun and unforgettable time with the kids!


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