Moving Water

    Moving Water pic

    For it was convenient to play the moving water game, go to the bathroom or outside in the garden.

    You can take the baby’s clothes for her not to get wet.

    Take utensils of different size.

    Let your baby practice pouring water from one container into the next.

    While your baby is playing say the rhyme:

    I am moving the water
    Watch it pouring out
    From the kettle’s spout
    Right into the cooker

    You should know

    – This is a scientific experiment to see how liquid can be transferred. The infant is learning about the nature of water.

    – Your baby learns the fine music control and develops motor skill while using a spoon.

    – Experiences in the first few years of life affect the way the brain will be structured.

    – The rhyme develops infants’ phonemic awareness for pre-reading.


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