Mouth, Nose, Knees, Toes – Body Parts Game

    Body Parts Game

    Body parts game is one more game to vary your playtime as your baby grows.

    How to play the game

    1. Learn or repeat mouth, nose, eyes, knees, toes, hand. You can draw or print pictures and play with them:

    – show your baby the pictures one by one and name them;
    – imprint baby’s feet, hands and color them with crayons or paints;
    – put the pictures in a row on the floor and jump on them naming each body part;
    – scatter the pictures around the floor and ask the baby to crawl to the body part you call, and so on.

    2. Having played with the pictures, teach now the baby hands and touch. Say: I can touch with my hands and touch something. First show how you touch the body parts your baby already knows, and then ask the baby to touch them according to your instructions: Touch your nose, Touch your mouth, etc. Ask: What are you touching? Answer: My nose, etc.

    3. Sit down on the floor opposite each other and say: Nose to nose! You should touch your noses. Continue like this with all body parts: head to head, knees to knees etc.

    Now compose a melody and sing the song. Don’t worry if you are not a professional singer. Your baby won’t tell you: Mommy, you are singing badly. But he will be glad to hear your voice and the song will help you involve your little one into acting it out. While singing touch baby’s body parts with his hands.

    Mouth, mouth, mouth,
    I have my mouth.
    Nose, nose, nose,
    I have my nose.
    Knees, knees, knees,
    I have my knees.
    Toes, toes, toes,
    I have my toes.
    Mouth, nose, knees, toes!

    Don’t add more new parts of the boy into the song until your baby learns these ones.

    You should know

    – The baby learns to foresee the actions by their repetition.
    – Read more about influence of games with body parts on baby’s development in the Blowing Game.


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