Mary Mary Quite Contrary – Jolly Nursery Rhyme for Babies

    Mary Mary Quite Contrary

    Mary Mary Quite Contrary is a nursery rhyme that will tell your baby about one more new color and kinds of flowers.

    For your little one to understand the point of the rhyme, depict it with the objects and toys you have. Take a doll in a skirt and call it Mary, now she is the main character of your game.

    Repeat or teach the colors like in Colorful Games and add silver color.

    Perform the activities with flowers from the game Learning about Flowers. Then put the flowers in a row and count them, let the baby touch, smell, and take them in his hands.

    Show your baby a picture of a mussel or find a real one in the sand. Let him touch it also and play with it for a while. If it possible, let your baby play with one mussel and with several of them then. Thus the child will lear the concept of multiplicity.

    Make a scene of a garden with grass, flowers, trees and say that this is a garden. If you have real garden near your house, go out there and show the baby the trees, grass and flowers. Let the baby touch and smell them.

    Do these activities every time before saying the rhyme – repetition will promote baby’s faster understanding of the rhyme.

    Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
    Arms to the sides, showing a skirt

    How does your garden grow?
    Palms up as in asking a question

    With silver bells
    Pretend to ring a bell,

    And cockle shells
    Hold your hands together imitating a mussel’s shell

    And all flowers in a row.
    Make a straight line with your hand in front of you

    You should know

    – The infant becomes more aware about the environment.

    – Smell of flowers promotes the development of baby’s sense of smell.

    – Touching different surfaces and textures stimulates baby’s sensory perception.

    – The activity teaches baby about the sign language.


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