Many Walks Outside is the Key to Children’s Health

    Childrens Health

    Walks in the fresh air influences positively children’s health, their immune system especially in the early childhood. We, parents, should understand that metabolism is accompanied by heat. Metabolism in children is several times more intense than that in adults. Consequently, a child produces more heat than an adult does. Therefore: where an adult is cool – the child is normal. Where an adult is normal – the child is warm. Where an adult is warm – the child is hot. Fresh air can never be superfluous. And it is important that the whole life has not turned into continuous stroll. But the time free from education, sleeps and eating should be spent outdoors.

    Dress children properly!

    1. Sufficient minimum! If you can do without any warm jacket – do that. Develop the child’s habit to dress by himself – to choose a number of clothing on his own. Children catch cold not from undercooling, but from excessive sweating caused by lots of clothing.

    2. Many people believe that meningitis appears because of absence of hat on the head. But that’s not true. Meningitis is an acute infectious disease. In 99% of cases it is caused by a microbe called meningococcus. The chance of meeting this microbe does not depend on what you have on your head at this time.

    3. In most cases, the child says “I’m cold” because of his parents. After all, it is much easier to dress him in three coats and to chat with the friends than to actively stroll (run, play).

    4. There’s no need to hide child’s mouth behind a scarf. No scarf can be better than the mucous membranes and sinuses in their ability to heat the inhaled air.

    A bad weather for walks with your child is very rare (rain, hurricane, blizzard, +40C, -30C). And it should be honestly admitted that the term “bad weather” is often a hidden parents’ laziness. Although, in most cases not only parents’ laziness or workload matter. Achievements of civilization – TV, computer, toys – more and more often inspire children to stay at home.

    The need to stroll should be developed from the infancy and perceived by the child as a norm, a must of a reasonable lifestyle. And this can be achieved only when staying outdoors is pretty better than watching cartoons. Active games, forest, mushrooms, fishing, skiing, sled and slides are great, especially if adults like them. It is difficult to imagine a boy who would prefer to watch an action movie rather than to go fishing with his father. But the actions of adults are often opposite: “Where are you going! Come back in an hour!” or “Look at him! He wears a jacket! Immediately put on the coat,” and so on. The next time your child will think whether it is worth dealing with you and maybe it will be easier to care of the nerves and calmly watch TV.

    Household affairs and professional workload of parents should not restrict children. Learning to stroll independently is as important as the rules of etiquette. You should strive to develop maximum independence in your child from his very early age – to be near but let him explore the world by himself and not to berate for wet feet and falling down. Cooperative games with other children are always desirable.

    It should be emphasized once again that functionality is the main thing in children’s clothing. Convenience, ease, absence of problems with the implementation of urgent physiological needs – all these are much more important than the opinion of other people that the coat is warmer and more beautiful than overalls. Any clothing that restricts child’s normal movements – to run, to jump, to turn his head, to get up on his own after falling down – is inadmissible.

    Now it’s your turn, parents – how do you spend active time outdoors with your kids? Which games do you play and what kind of clothes does your child wear in cool weather? Share your stories with us!


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