Male Hygiene for Babies: How to Wash Boys


    Many people tend to think that hygiene for baby boys doesn’t differ greatly from the one for girls of the same age. Moreover, moms even believe that it’s much easier to care of a newborn son than of a daughter: boys’ genitals are not easily infected and boys don’t require such purity as girls do. Such an attitude to boy’s hygiene is a naive and even a dangerous delusion. No wonder urologists believe that lots of men’s health problems are caused by non-compliance with the rules of hygiene during the first (and decisive ones) five years of a child’s life.

    Of course, every mom knows general rules of a newborn care. She knows how to feed, bathe and swaddle the baby. But not everyone knows how to properly care of the genitals – the basic hygiene for boys. The fact is that boys are born with the balanus entirely covered with a skin fold – foreskin. A newborn’s foreskin is narrow – it is a so-called physiological phimosis, which will disappear as soon as 3-5 years of the child’s age. There are sebaceous glands inside the foreskin that produce particular grease. If a boy’s mom only changes diapers and rarely washes him considering that it’s enough just to wash him in the evening, harmful bacteria will appear under the baby’s foreskin that can be the reason of some inflammation on the balanus.

    The only way not to let such unpleasant things happen with your son is to strictly follow the rules of hygiene.

    Rules of male hygiene for babies

    1. Wash your child every time he wets the diaper two-three times or poops. Of course it’s difficult to notice this when your baby wears diapers, so do it every three hours. In a course of the day you can use wet napkins and in the evening washing baby under running water is a must.

    2. Wash the boy’s sex organ with gentle motions. If you correctly follow the rules of your boy’s hygiene, the risk of male’s inflammatory diseases (including those that may result in infertility) is minimized.

    How to wash the baby boy

    Pediatritians all over the world state that intimate hygiene of baby boys implies washing kids with kids soap, nothing more.

    Put the baby his abdomen on your left forearm, press him to your left side and wash the child with your right hand under running water. Wash his bottom, genitals and the area around the genitals. Do not remove the foreskin on the balanus for it’s easy to do harm. It’s not necessary to wash balanus under the foreskin for the tightly closed skin isn’t even partially separated from the balanus and it reliably protects the boy’s sex organ from the external dirt. So when removing the foreskin and washing baby’s sex organ your remove the antimicrobial protective grease it has.

    Unfortunately, many parents do not care enough of their boy’s intimate hygiene. As a result there’s a risk of fertility problems in adulthood.

    However, most of the male sex organ pathologies are well treated, especially at an early age. Most diseases of the male sex organs at an early age are often the cause of the future male infertility.

    A little man requires special care and regular visits to the doctor for a significant part of congenital abnormalities can be diagnosed from the first days of baby’s life.

    Hygiene of the external sex organs especially boy’s ones, is very important. May your little man grow healthy and happy.

    What advice can you give other parents about little boys’ intimate hygiene? Your experience can be of great help!


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