Make a Face

    Make a Face

    Make a Face is one more body game. You and your baby will enjoy watching and imitating facial expressions and body movements. You baby needs to be close enough so she can focus in face-to-face interaction.

    The essence of the game is to move the head, eyes, nose, eyebrows and to make more facial movements. You hold the baby on your laps and a mirror in your hand so that the baby can see herself and you there. You make any facial movement and say to the baby rhythmically:

    Blink your eyes,
    Raise your eyebrows,

    Or even you can verify the activity and add other parts of the body:

    Clap your hands,
    Blow your cheeks,

    You should know

    – It’s amazing, but Andrew Meltzer from Washington University discovered that one-day infants can imitate their parents’ facial expression by poking out their tongue, puckering lips or opening their mouth wide. More others scientists have done similar researches with the similar results. It is this inborn instinct to mimic and is the basis of learning and problem solving.

    – Really, one-day infants are capable of rather complex sequences – from visual comprehension to muscle control!

    – Babies are born with no awareness of their noses, eyes, ears. Networks around the head are shorter and easier to grow than networks reaching to the toes. That’s why babies discover their faces first.


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