Lullaby Songs for Babies: Getting Baby to Sleep

    Songs for Babies

    There are lots lullaby songs for babies in every culture all over the world. But why are they so important? How do they affect the development of children’s mind and character?

    It turns out that lullaby songs are as crucial for normal baby’s development as gentle mom’s embrace and milk.

    The lullaby songs were born long, long ago. Our ancients used lullabies as a universal way to get babies to sleep. A lullaby is a thread from the adult’s world to the children’s one.

    When a mom sings lullabies, her child falls asleep faster, he calms down and he has good dreams. The child quickly forgets about his troubles, caress is passed to him through a lullaby, he feels mom’s love, affection, and tenderness.

    It’s better to start singing lullabies during pregnancy. It is proved that a baby in the womb perceives music, speech, and intonations. Then, being a newborn, he recognizes them and quickly calms down, begins to respond to the mother’s voice and utter various sounds in response. Monotonous rhythm of lullabies is a good prevention of motor and speech disorders.

    Character of a little person, his physical health, and degree of his development depend on the kind of a lullaby songs his mother sings to him. Children, who regularly heard lullabies, grow more gentle and kind. But children, who didn’t hear lullabies, grow more selfish and evil, they have various mental disorders more often. In the East, they say about a bad person: “His mother hasn’t sung him lullabies.”

    A baby protects his mind from different kinds of stress and emotional instability when listening to lullabies.

    Therefore a lullaby is not only the way for the baby to calm down and sleep soundly, but also an indication that everything is alright: his mom is next to him and she loves him.

    Moreover, due to the melodious lullabies a baby gradually learns the phonetics of his native language, he better perceives and remembers highly emotional words and phrases. Thus, he begins to speak earlier. He starts agooing in response, and hence his larynx is being developed – the main tool of speech activity.

    In course of time, the value of a lullaby is changed. It becomes an important part of the evening ritual for a one year old child, its turn is after bathing and feeding. At this age, a gentle song is even more necessary for a child than a fairy tale. He easier perceives melodic stories.

    The rhythm of a lullaby is usually correlated with the rhythm of breathing and heartbeat of both mother and child, and plays an important role in their soulful union.

    A lullaby helps develop baby’s need in music and books. Gradually getting used to the repeated intonations, the child begins to distinguish separate words and this helps him acquire speech and understand its contents. The lullabies tell the baby about environment and how the world works: animals, birds, objects; the sun went down, hid away, the night has come. Moreover, the lullaby songs help the baby value the place he lives in because his full mental development is guaranteed if the child is sure that his home and his mother are the best in the world.

    How often do you sing lullabies to your little one? Any recommendations for other parents? Share your experience with the rest of us in the comments section!


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