Low Immune System in Kids: Signs and Causes

    Low Immune System

    Why do kids sometimes have a low immune system? To answer this question, I gathered information about immune system: how it works, when it develops, what affects it and how to improve your kid’s health.

    But first, I offer you a little test that will help you see how good your child’s immune system is.

    Check out the kid’s immune system

    Answer the following 4 questions:

    – How many times a year does the child get a cold?
    – How much time does a cold last, on average?
    – Does your child have chronic or recurrent infections (sinusitis, otitis, furunculosis, pneumonia, intestinal infections)?
    – What is the constant child’s body temperature?

    Now compare your answers with the following ones.

    Good immune system

    – the child gets a cold no more than 4 times a year;
    – an average duration of a cold is no more than 14 days;
    – your child has no any chronic or recurrent diseases;
    – the body temperature is mostly about 36.6 degrees.

    Weakened immune system

    – the child gets a cold more often than 4 times a year;
    – an average duration of a cold is more than 14 days;
    – a cold became chronic or the child has recurrent infections;
    fever is a permanent phenomenon.

    What is immunity and how does it work?

    When various viral or bacterial infections make their way into the human body, it begins to actively struggle with them. The ability of the immune system to combat various types of infections that enter the body is called immunity.

    What is a weakened immunity caused by?

    – Hereditary predisposition;
    – dysbacteriosis;
    – various negative factors – premature birth, early artificial feeding, food allergy;
    – adverse environmental factors;
    poor food – a large number of chemical additives: sweet, smoked food; carbonated water, etc.
    – lack of physical activity;
    – lack of fresh air;
    – lack of vitamins and minerals.

    When is immune system formed

    The important periods of kids’ immune system formation are:

    – up to 28 days (neonatal period);
    – the 4th-6th months of age;
    – 2 years old;
    – 6-7 years old.

    How to boost immunity

    Breastfeeding is crucial when it goes about protection of the children’s immunity up to a year of age. That is the best, useful and the only one type food for babies up to 6 months of age.

    If your child has a low immune system (a cold occurs more often than 4 times a year, an average duration of a cold is longer than 14 days, a cold became chronic or infections recur, and fever is a permanent phenomenon) you should strengthen the kid’s immune system. And if necessary, consult an immunologist.

    What can you say about your little one’s immune system? What do you do to strengthen it?


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