Loo Loo Loo

    Loo Loo

    Here is one more rhyme “Loo Loo Loo” that helps baby learn the parts of the face. Baby will enjoy playing with your face. You can put the words to the melody created by yourself.

    Sit your baby on your knees close to your face. Look into her eyes while chanting or singing. You can also rock the baby in the rhythm with the words. Say the sounds and words gently and slowly for the baby to discern and better recognize them.  Act out the words. It is very important for the baby to watch your mouth while saying or singing these words.

    Loo loo loo
    Look at me.
    Tah tah tah
    Touch my nose.
    Ki ki ki
    Kiss my cheek.
    Way way way
    Wave my hand.
    Shay sahy shay
    Shake my head.
    Stro stro stro
    Stroke my hair.

    You can create your own sounds and actions.

    You should know

    – Repetition of syllables helps the baby actually say them.

    – Look in the infant’s eyes while chanting or singing this gently. The baby will follow your lips and can eventually try to repeat the words or sounds after you.

    – In Loo loo loo the vowel sounds are repeated to make perception easier and to encourage the infant repeat them.

    Here is the quotation below from Sally Goddard. She describes the information worked by the auditory system:

    1. Vibration (with the tactile system)
    2. Sound
    3. Rhythm (with vestibular system)
    4. Timing (with vestibular system)
    5. Orientation in space. While vision gives us forward spatial awareness, hearing helps us to be aware of what is happening behind and around us.

    Efficient auditory processing is dependant upon:

    1. Adequate hearing levels/auditory discrimination
    2. Direct transmission of information to the appropriate area in the brain (laterality)
    3. Speed of transmission. Individuals labeled dyslexic often process the sounds of speech more slowly than the norm (Shaywitz, 1996, Tallal, 1996)
    4. Ability to shut out irrelevant sounds.

    If we read the above and ask ourselves what can be done to increase the efficiency of baby’s ability of processing information. The answers are: repeated hearing over and over again. Holding the baby while talking so she can feel the vibration and see the lips moving also greatly helps.  Paula Tallal has created a device that slows down the language sounds to make them earlier to discern.

    The infant will do this in his own time. It’s important to give a lot of input and not to demand input.


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