Little Froggie – Finger and Body Tickle Activity for Babies


    Say the rhyme about little froggie while performing the actions. Put your baby on his back.

    First show your little one a picture of a little frog on a A4 paper of sheet and say the sound it utters. Show him also the differences between big and little: big – show a big objet and spread your arms widely saying b-i-i-i-i-g in a low voice, little – show a little object and take your hands together and say little in a thin voice.

    1. While saying the first line, make an imaginary leap by moving your fingers from baby’s one little toe to the next one.
    2. Make a small movement from the fourth to the middle toe.
    3. Move to the next toe.
    4. Don’t move anywhere.
    5. Move to the next toe and then run your hand up the foot, up the leg and tickle tummy or an armpit.

    This little froggy took a big leap.
    This little froggy took a small one.
    This little froggy leaped sideways
    And this little froggy not at all.
    And this little froggy went
    Hippity, hippity, hippity, hop, all the way home.

    You should know

    – Finger action rhymes greatly enhance early language development and kinesthetic development.

    – Babies are learning to anticipate the actions by the repetition.

    – Remember: the younger the child, the bigger the pictures must be. Because his eyesight isn’t yet developed so good to see the little images.

    – Babies will laugh and will want it over and over again.


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