Little Animals

    Little Animals

    Acting out little animals is useful for your child’s development since the kid learns best through experience.

    Take the pictures or the toys of the animals from the rhyme. Teach the animals and say their sounds.


    Play with the animals while saying the rhyme:

    I’m a little cat I meow-meow-meow
    I’m a little dog I woof-woof-woof
    I’m a little cow I moo-moo-moo
    I’m a little mouse I squeack-squeack-squeack
    I’m a little bird I tweet-tweet-tweet
    I’m a little sheep I baa-baa-baa
    I’m a little goat I maa-maa-maa

    You should know

    – The animal sounds are the part of your native language.

    – Children are naturally drawn to the animals.

    – Interest in animals and kindness to them develop empathy to infants.

    – Pets reduce stress in children.

    – Pets teach children about unconditional love.

    – Pets are the best playmates and listeners. Children with pets have better non-verbal communication.

    – Pets develop high self-esteem in children.

    – It is salutary for the children to love animals and live in peace with them. Children should love and respect animals form the early ages. Peace is not only between people, but with plants and animals life on our planet.


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