Learning to Go for a Walk with the Baby

    Go for a Walk

    Every child must go for a walk. It is an axiom. It is a banal phrase everyone agrees with. But the practical implementation of this causes, however, a lot of questions. How to stroll? How much time? Which weather and clothing to choose? And what is the relationship between stroll and diseases? And, when it is possible to go for a walk if the child has got sick?

    First of all let’s try to list the benefits of being outdoors.
    Any human habitation is:

    – an accumulator of bacteria, including pathogens;
    – a source of increased dust concentration, factors of household chemicals and allergens (carpets, upholstered furniture, wool, laquer, dyes, chlorine and so on.);
    – total lack of contact with the ultraviolet ray that is not particularly important for adults, but is very significant for children – due to the UV rays action D vitamin is produced in the skin;
    – any enclosed space leads to a drastic limitation of physical activity and influences the developing eyesight.

    Fresh air allows, first of all, to clear the lungs from accumulated household dust in them and to improve the functioning of the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract. Any increased energy – that allows to maintain body temperature, to perform locomotor activity – has a stimulating effect on all the vital systems of the body, especially the cardiovascular and immune ones.

    “Rules of walks” suggest three main points worth discussing separately:

    1. early childhood (newborn and the first months of life);
    2. walks with healthy children;
    3. relationship of walks and diseases.

    Let us discuss them one by one.

    You should always strive to find a place for your baby to walk and play. Well, the balcony will be a great decision (if you live in a city) or a specific place in the yard (if you live in your own house).

    The situation is not absolutely rational when having the balcony, a mother spends heroic efforts to take the stroller downstairs outside, and then takes it back upstairs home. A child doesn’t need to be carried in the stroller from one street to another one – mother always has lots of things to do at home. Besides, it isn’t necessary that passerbies sneeze at the child and dirt from the car wheels flies at him. There must be a need for any stroll along the streets: you don’t have anyone to help you and you must visit a store; it’s time to go to the clinic; you want to go outside together with your husband and to have a break from the bustle of home; you don’t have a balcony.

    Of course you don’t need to sit at home and baby on the balcony all the time. You also need a fresh air, and when you have no urgent things to do and if your baby likes to play in a sandbox with other kids, you should always go outside.

    The sooner you start teaching your child to stay in the open air, the better. Already on the 10th day of his life, you can sit together on the balcony for about 15-20 minutes. The next day – 2 times for half an hour, and gradually increase the frequency and duration of being outside until he starts spendning the whole day on the balcony. After each time he wakes up and eats, take him to the balcony. The child always sleeps better in the open air and eats better afterwards. Weather conditions is a special matter. When a healthy child is well dressed and protected from wind, he also feels pretty well when the temperature outside is below zero.

    In general, low temperatures are better that high ones. In hot weather, especially if the balcony is on the sunny side, it is impossible to stroll and one must look for the coolest place in the house or in the yard.

    Parents are always worried about the question how to dress the baby when going for a walk. You get the answer only after you return home. If the child is sweaty and red, make sure to dress him in less amount of clothing next time. Every child reacts differently to the strolls and it is almost impossible to give universal recommendations. It would be understandable if you dress your baby in too much clothes for the first time. The main thing is that you make the right conclusions then. Usually, if the child is hot, he is naughty and it is necessary to quickly take him home. The child is extremely rearly cold – adults are so terrified with cold that they never allow this and the child will rather get hot than cold.

    Our dear parents, share your stories and experience with us how you stroll or strolled with your newborn babies. What practical recommendations you have? We love to hear from you!


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