Learning about Flowers

    About Flowers

    Make learning about flowers fun and fascinating!

    Take the real flowers like those the rhyme. If not, take any flowers you can get. Show them to your baby, say their names and let your baby smell them.

    Do not let your baby harm the flowers. If she tries, say NO. It is an important part of your baby’s education to respect flowers.

    Then show your baby pictures of the flowers. But note that flashcards do not smell like flowers.

    Draw a heart. Show it to your baby, give it to her and say: I love you and show how you love your baby. Then take a Teddy Bear and say: I love Teddy Bear and kiss it.

    Do the same with and the flowers, show that you love them.
    And of course say the rhyme:

    I love flowers
    In the garden that is ours.
    Tulips, daisies,
    Roses, bluebells,
    And with a bee – all for me!

    You should know

    – Infants only learn what they experience. It is important to experience different smells, especially pleasant ones. It necessary for stimulating the sense of smell and neurological pathways connected with smelling.

    – These are bits of knowledge that interrelated with and thus greatly increase the connection between the brain cells and therefore the development of the baby’s brain.

    – Rhymes develop infants’ phonemic awareness for pre-reading. If they have this awareness, later in school they can combine sounds together into words. The more they have been exposed to rhythm and rhyme, the more their ability to understand how words are composed of sounds.

    – From birth babies have a well developed sense of smell. They even can recognize their parents’ smell.


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