Learning about Birds

    About Birds

    The goal of the activity is learning about birds and animals. Your baby will have lots of fun!

    At first show the pictures of a cat, a cow and a dog to your baby. Choose about 6 birds that live in your area. Show the pictures of them saying their names and the sounds they make. If you can find an audio with these birds singing, all the better!

    Create simple story about a rabbit bunny or any animal you baby likes the most.  For example:

    This is Bunny.
    Bunny wakes up in the morning.
    Bunny goes for a walk. Jump-jump-jump.
    Oh! Bunny hears a cat “meow-meow”.
    Bunny hears a dog “woof-woof”.
    Bunny hears a cow “moo-moo”.
    Bunny hears a Sparrow “chirp-chirp”.
    Bunny hears a swallow “twit-twitt-twitt”.
    Bunny hears a dove “coo-coo-coo”.
    Bunny hears a wren “warble-warble-warble”.
    Bunny is tired. Bunny is going to sleep.
    Good night, Bunny!

    You should know

    – The richer the linguistic and conceptual environments surrounding the child, the better his language skills and breadth of concepts will be.

    – Children love learning.

    – The different but related pictures create many new connections in the brain as the infant naturally absorbs that the pictures belong to the same category.

    – The children learn specific animals as easily as they learn numeral categories of animals: dog, cat, bird and so on.


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