Learn about Animals

    About Animals

    All children love to learn about animals, so take your baby into this fascinating journey of meeting his first animals!

    Choose toys or pictures of different animals. Show them to your baby, tell their names and important! Tell what sounds they make, e.g. The dog says “woof-woof”! The duck says “quack-quack”! The cat says “meow”! Thare are many variants of playing with the animals.

    Here are some of them:

    1. Put the toys/pictures in different places of the room. Then ask your baby: Where is the doggie woof-woof? Crawl to the doggie! Where is the duckie quack-quack? Crawl to the duck! And so on.
    2. Show the baby the picture/toy of a cat. Say: the cat, meow. Then hide it behind you back or under a cushion. Ask: where is the cat, meow?  The baby will be surprised where has the cat gone and she will search for it with enthusiasm.
    3. Put animals on the floor in a line. Take your baby’s arms and jump with her and the animals commenting: a dog, a cat, a duck, a cow  etc.

    You are free to make your own variants of the game.

    You should know

    Read about the influence of animals on child development.


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