Kitchen Activities


    When performing kitchen activities you let your child understand that you trust him and help him grow as a loved child and develop harmoniously.

    Before leaving to cook in the kitchen many moms think how to entertain the child for him not to come into the kitchen full of cupboards, cereals and pans. And in this situation we are guided not only by the desire to save the baby from kitchen items falling down, but also by the desire to save the kitchen clean as long as possible. And that’s OK, because a young mother has to clean it for a hundred times a day.

    But unsatisfied baby’s interest is worse than atomic bomb. One day you will be horrified to find the pounds of scattered flour or cereals on the floor, trash upside down, broken cup and the smiling face of your sweet angel.

    But all this can be avoided by just taking your baby into the kitchen and giving him the items he wants.

    Spoons and Scoops

    Take the crockery: a knife, a spoon, a fork, a plate, a saucepan, a frying pan, a cup, a tea-pot. Let your baby study them, their properties, knock them on the table. Then take a little plastic stick and let your baby beat on all the crockery.

    Comment every baby’s movement, while she is beating.

    Hiding Activity

    Hide every object under the saucepan asking: where is the spoon? Here it is! Open the saucepan. The baby will be delighted to find the objects underneath and will want to play over and over again, even with the same object.

    But note that in twenty minutes the baby may get bored of this game, so you need to prepare something more interesting beforehand.

    When you have played the game many times, then let her do it herself. Show her how to put an object into the saucepan and to turn it upside down with an object inside.

    Beans and Cereals Activity

    Take several trays and bowls, spread there different cereals and beans. At first let your baby decide himself what to do with them. Then help him draw shapes on the trays, knead cereals and beans in the bowls.

    Watch your baby not to swallow some cereals or beans!

    You should know

    – Your baby explores her environment better.

    – Dealing with the unknown objects your baby learns the vocabulary of her native language.

    – Early positive experiences establish how the neural wiring of the brain will be made.

    – Touching and sorting out little objects train fingers and fine motor skills.


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