Keeping Kids Healthy: 6 Rules of Hardening Your Young Child

    Keeping Kids Healthy

    Keeping kids healthy is the main task and wish of all parents. And if you want your child to always stay healthy, cheerful and active, you should provide her with proper hygiene, correct nutrition, and what is very important, hardening. And that is the topic of my today’s piece.

    So, when you regularly follow these tips, there will be few records in your kid’s medical chart. May your little one be always healthy and cheerful!

    The basic rules of hardening

    You can start hardening your baby from his very birth. But first, make sure there are no any contraindications for that (diseases, nervous excitability, sleep disorders, and others).

    You should:

    – smoothly increase the duration of the procedure;
    – perform the procedures regularly, on a daily basis;
    – watch your kid’s mood: she should enjoy hardening and experience only positive emotions.

    Hardening from birth

    A natural way to harden a newborn baby is walking in the fresh air. You can walk right once you come back home from the maternity ward if it’s warm outside. The first walk lasts for 20-40 minutes. You should prolong the time up to 10-15 minutes every day and eventually, you’ll stay outside for several hours.

    In fall and winter, you can take your newborn for a walk once she turns seven days of age provided there is no strong wind outside and the air temperature is not lower than 50 degrees. The first walk should last for 5-10 minutes and gradually increase up to 2 hours.

    The sun, of course, affects positively the immunity of the baby. But you shouldn’t stay in the sun. It’s recommended that you stay in the shadow of a tree.

    Everyday bathing

    When at home, you can harden your little one by letting her take air baths. When changing clothes, let the baby stay naked for a few minutes. Make sure there are no air drafts in the room, and the air temperature is not lower than 71,6 degrees.

    Bathing on a daily basis is another available way to harden your baby at home. The optimum water temperature for babies is 96,8-98,6 degrees. After bathing, wash the little one with water 1-2 degrees below the water in the bathtub.

    A 1-3 year old

    Children over 1 year old are already more resistant to unfavorable factors, so you can wipe your little one with a wet towel dipped in the water that is 78,8-82,4 degrees. When showering your baby, change the intensity of the water stream to massage the little one.

    A 1,5 year old

    Once the child turns 1,5 year of age, you can let her swim in a pond provided that the water temperature is not below 69,8 degrees. The child can stay in the water for a few minutes, and then make a break for 15-20 minutes.

    At this age you can already let the baby stay in the sun. In the beginning, let the child be in the sun for 5-10 minutes and gradually increase the time up to 30-40 minutes. Perform the procedure in the morning (up to 12 p.m.) or in the evening (after 4 a.m). Do not forget to put a cap on the child’s head.

    Important! Sharp difference in temperature (shower, sauna, and bath) is not recommended for hardening children under 3 years old. Kids are not yet able to assess their condition, so it is difficult to choose the optimal difference in temperature.

    And do you harden your little ones? How do you do that, and what are the results? Share your experience and tips with the other parents!


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