Influence of Television on Children under One Year of Age

    Influence of Television

    Let’s talk about the influence of television on babies and try to understand whether it is useful for young children to watch TV or not.

    Of course, a baby does not consciously perceive what is happening on the TV screen. Everything is just a set of light (color) and sound stimuli. Any stimuli produce a range of emotions – sometimes positive, sometimes negative. A kind of reaction is very individual and unpredictable.

    There are babies who cry during advertising while watching TV, but the opposite situation often happens – children like advertising and stare at the TV screen like hypnotized. I am deeply convinced that the TV is an achievement of civilization and is one of the leading factors in the overall tendency to deterioration of children’s health. Here psycho-emotional and educational factors are important, as well as the inevitable limitation of physical activity. Medicine makes thousands of attempts to justify the harmful influence of the TV on an immature and rapidly developing child’s brain with the extra clever medical terms and diagnoses.

    Here are the main reasons why the TV is considered to be harmful

    1. The negative effect on the eyesight. An eye is one of the most rapidly changing organs, and increased loads on it contribute to the risk of deterioration of visual acuity and color vision, eye movement and the size of the pupils.
    2. A specific and not fully investigated ability of a flickering picture to provoke seizures.
    3. Effect on the psyche.
    4. Radiation of a TV set.

    Without a doubt, a harmful effect of the TV on health is often exaggerated, even though no one has said it was useful. However, and this is probably the main thing – TV cannot be considered as a positive phenomenon.

    It is sad enough, but for the majority of parents the TV is a means for neutralization of their child who they sometimes want to take a break from. And here fundamental principles of family lifestyle are particularly important. It is difficult to convince the child that going for a walk is right, and the TV is wrong, if the parents spend evenings watching TV, if any gains of literature are absorbed only after their screening, etc.

    Not to mention about the influence of the TV on the psyche, on the ability to learn, on the shaping the worldview and habits, etc. It is not surprising that the impact of the TV on the intelligence, the ability to think and learn, on the ideas about what is right and wrong is often much greater than the effect of the mom, dad and grandparents together. The earlier the child begins to communicate with the TV, the more important it will be for him – a perfect analogy with alcohol, nicotine, addiction. And the more important the TV is the less important mom and dad are. If the parents are alcoholics, lazy and aggressive people, so maybe it’s for the best. But if the parents are normal people who wish their child only the good things … the conclusions are obvious.

    Did or do you let your baby watch TV? If yes, why? Share your story below!


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