Importance of Feeding Baby with Breast Milk

    Feeding Baby

    I have already touched on the topic about feeding baby in my previous articles and mentioned about the advantages of mother’s milk, but it is also worth discussing other topics concerning breastfeeding:

    – factors affecting the amount of breast milk;
    – nursing mum’s nutrition;
    – separately about a woman’s breast;
    – pacifiers;
    – mixed and artificial feeding;
    – main principles of baby nutrition;
    – rules of breastfeeding baby;
    – actions after feeding;
    – about vitamin D;
    – what a baby should drink.

    Breastfeeding is a very important topic every young mom should know about. There is no process in a child’s life even approximately comparable with food by number of recommendations, prejudices, and, of course, mistakes.

    From the point of view of the Nature laws, food should provide the body with essential nutrients. If an adult needs nutrients to maintain a normal life, it is not enough for the normal existence of a child. He must grow and develop, and, therefore, proper nutrition is notable more important in comparison with, for example, nutrition of his parents. And all adults understand that and implement the principle “the best things are for the children” in their families, but … What loving parents considere to be best, very often are not only unnecessary, but harmful.

    The child must eat food that is most natural for him at an appropriate age. And, certainly, there is no need to prove that baby’s mother’s milk is the most valuable and natural product for him. And it is not surprising that feeding baby with mother’s milk and is called natural.

    Here are main arguments to prove that breastfeeding is good

    1. Mother’s milk is always:

    •  optimum temperature of food;
    •  ideal purity of food;
    •  additional substances that help the baby digest food;
    •  substances that help the baby fight infections, allergies and to protect from them;

    2. Mother’s milk is significant financial savings of the family: infant formula, particularly good ones, are quite expensive.

    3. Breastfeeding saves time. It is easier and faster to breastfeed than to buy, to boil, to pour, to cool, to stir, to wash, to boil, to pour food, etc.

    4. When a child is fed with mother’s milk, it is almost impossible that he gets an intestinal infection.

    5. Food for the child is always with you, wherever you are.

    6. Composition of breast milk changes in the process of time ideally matching the child’s needs at an appropriate age.

    7. One can hardly imagine how many problems can occur if a child has intolerance of cow’s milk.

    8. Your breastfed child will quickly prove to you that you are a real woman. No man can do that, even if he is the greatest Casanova.

    The absence of breast milk is no longer a tragedy. Millions of children safely grew and learned what a woman’s breast was when they were already adults. It is good on one hand, but it is very bad on the other one.

    It is necessary, however, to remember and understand that child’s health during breastfeeding is saved easier. Of course, this does not mean that the baby will always be ill without his mother’s milk. But additional difficulties will necessarily arise.

    Moms and Dads, what do you think about breastfeeding? Do you have something to add to this topic? Share your stories and experience – we love hearing from you!


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