I’m a Merry-Go-Round Activity


    All toddlers and preschoolers love a merry-go-round activity. When spinning and saying the rhyme children create an image of a carousel, the movement is accelerating, then slowing down, and they altogether experience the thrill of this ride.

    You can do this activity with your kid wherever you have a rest. Do it with all the kids you have at home and other family members, or just family members if you have one child – the more people, the better, the happier.

    Before you start teach or review the vocabulary, thus your child will remember the text faster. Use the cards, pictures of a merry-go-round, spin on a waist twisting disc, ride a merry-go-round in an amusement park, etc.

    Start the activity by standing in front of your child and taking him by the hands. Say to your little one: “Now we’ll ride a merry-go-round.” Spin around together and invite other children or family members one by one for a ride. Thus your merry-go-round will grow wider and more fun.

    Move around holding your hands and say the following rhyme. Of course you are free to create a melody and sing a rhythmic song:

    I’m a merry-go-round,
    I’m sitting on my bottom,

    (here you can squat)
    I spin and spin, and spin again,
    And as I spin I sing.
    Lalalalalalala x 2

    End the activity by clapping your hands and running in all directions laughing, then gather again in a circle and start the activity over.

    You should follow some rules:

    1. Firmly hold each other’s hands, so as during the movement the circle not to break.
    2. Look in the direction of the merry-go-round motion.
    3. Preform the movement and say the rhyme together.

    It’s ok if you break the circle – it’s one more reason to laugh.

    If your child can’t yet speak and say the words, don’t worry. The main thing is that you keep saying or singing together with other participants of the activity, and you’ll see that your little one will join you soon.

    Considering the speed at which your kid moves, you can either walk slowly or take your child by the hands and let him spin flying.

    Have fun and enjoy yourselves!

    You should know

    – The activity creates a strong bond between you and your little one, and all the other participants.
    – This helps your child’s vestibular system to develop greatly.
    – The rhyme enhances development of speech and language in the child.
    – Rhythmical rhymes and songs accompanied by simple movements of the head, legs, hands, or the whole body affect the cortical neurodynamics.
    – It’s just so much fun!


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