I’m a Driver Activity


    Before performing I’m a Driver activity and saying the rhyme, show your baby pictures of the cars (car, bus, truck), a driver, a steering wheel. You can also use toys. In this case name the color of each car: This is a car, the car is red, a red car. Do the same with the bus and the truck. Thus you teach or repeat colors as well.

    Having finished this activity, you can play with the toys or pictures for the baby to remember them better in a funny way. Put the cards/toys in a row. You jump on each card or beside a toy forward and backward so that the baby sees your actions and say: Car, bus, truck, driver, steering wheel. Then it’s your little one’s turn. Take him under the armpits and let him jump the way you did. While he is jumping you name the cards.

    After jumping on the cards show the child how a driver drives the car – take a steering wheel and run around the room saying: I’m driving the car, broom-broom. I’m driving the bus, broom, broom. I’m driving the truck broom, broom. Take your baby and practice being drivers together. Keep on commenting all your movements.

    Now you are ready to act out the rhyme. You can either say it or create your own melody.

    Broom, broom, broom,
    Broom runs the car/bus/truck.
    I’m driving the car,
    Broom, broom, broom.
    I’m a driver,
    In the broom, broom car.
    I am driving
    Broom, broom far.

    You should know

    – This is for cognitive development of the baby.

    – Baby performs active movements thus developing and strengthening his muscles.

    – Often repeated sounds are easily remembered and early language development is enhanced.

    – It’s a lot of fun!


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