I see the Bear Family Game

    Bear Family

    The game “I see the Bear Family” is a kind of a role role play for toddlers. But of course you can play it with the younger kids.

    So prepare four bears – Mother, Daddy, Brother Johnny Bear, and Sister July Bear, clothes for them, and organize a place for the shop. And as a part of a routine before the game, teach or repeat all the necessary vocabulary and clothes items. Let your child act out sister and brother. If you have more than one child, they can act out each family member.

    At the beginning you will be a narrator and comment the actions. Later on the child will already know the consequence and will want to say the words instead of you.

    Here is Mommy Bear. Here is Daddy Bear. Here is Johnny Bear. Here is July Bear. They are a family. Look, they are going shopping.

    July Bear chooses: “A dress or a skirt?
    Johnny Bear chooses: “Socks or a shirt? Short, trousers, shoes? What shall I choose?

    You can dress up the bears and see how pretty they are.

    July Bear chooses a hat.
    She looks pretty in that.
    Johnny chooses some shorts,
    Because he likes to play sports.

    You should know

    – The role play enhances the child’s speech and language development.
    – While playing the game imagination and drama are being developed.
    – Kid’s brain develops as he acts the game out.


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