I Like – I Love – Rhyme for the Smallest Ones

    I Like

    The rhyme “I Like – I Love” teaches your baby about the difference between the concepts I like and I love.

    Before saying the rhyme it is worth performing some pre-activities – these will encourage your baby’s faster learning and understanding the words.

    First, start practicing the concept like: use both flashcards of the fruits from the rhyme and real fruits: bananas, apples and plums. Say the names of each fruit and play with the flashcards for a while: jump on them, hide and find them, cut them in two parts and collect them, etc.

    If it is possible let the baby try each fruit. Remember to comment all your actions.

    Now learn love: draw, color and cut out a heart. Take the toys Teddy Bear, doll, and doggy. Give your each toy the heart and tell them: I love you. Give your baby the heart and say: I love you.

    Now you can make some arts and crafts with a heart: color it, stick colored paper, sand or cereal on it; let the baby draw it with your help using finger paints, and so on.

    I like bananas,
    Point to yourself, rub your tummy and pretend to peel a banana
    I like apples too.
    Point to yourself, rub your tummy and pretend to bite into an apple
    I like plums –
    Point to yourself, rub your tummy and pretend to pick plums from a tree
    So do you.
    Point to your baby
    I love my teddy bear,
    Hug yourself and make a bear movement
    I love my doggy too.
    Hug yourself, then “beg” like a doggy
    I love my doll,
    Hug yourself and show a dress with your hands
    And I love you.
    Point to yourself, hug yourself and point to the baby

    You should know

    – Tasting and smelling the fruits promote development of baby’s sensory perception.

    – The rhyme helps develop your child’s phonemic awareness and imagination.

    – Baby learns sign language.

    – The activity is funny and very interesting.


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