I am Thirsty


    The activity I am Thirsty will help you teach your baby communicate before she can speak. She will enjoy watching you performing these actions.

    There are hungry, eat, thirsty, drink for baby sign language. You can teach these words showing food for eat and milk for drink. You can jump to show happy. Then you can act out the sign language with the rhyme like this:

    Please, More

    I eat when I’m hungry,
    I drink when I’m thirsty.
    I jump when I’m happy,
    And please I want these more!

    Happy, Hungry, Thirsty pic

    It’s great if you make your own rhymes for many other words. Because, as it is said earlier, the rhymes help babies learn to speak.

    You should know

    – Language is the child’s passport to managing in life. No matter whether it is with other children, with parents or just clarifying his own needs to himself.

    – Babies would love to talk about many of things, but they cannot because of lack of the fine muscle control. The sign language helps them to participate in communication even before they can speak.

    – As the communication and relationship between parents and the child is enriched by the infant’s ability to interact, the parent will take more time to explain him about his environment, tell him more stories and listen to his responses. For example the baby can sign Sun and the parent may respond: yes, the sun is so bright, it is round, yellow. It is so warm and pleasant! This would be valuable input is it would be expanding what the child is saying.


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