How to Teach Your 2-Month-Old to Utter and Understand Long Vowels

    Long Vowels

    Your child is already 2 months old, she is very young, but that’s the time to lay a background of her future speech and language. With this Long Vowels Activity you will teach your little one about the main sounds in the mother tongue and inspire her to strive to repeat them after you. And that’s a great beginning of communication between two of you!

    How to do the activity

    Your baby is in a supine position. Bend over her at a distance of about 30-40 cm, smile and speak affectionately to the child. If the baby does not seem ready for the activity, you shouldn’t interrupt the conversation, it’s better that you stroke the child. If the baby utters sounds, you should imitate them, prolong the vowels. This is very important for your baby’s speech development.

    Then prolong the sounds: ah-ah-ah, oh-oh-oh, u-u-u and others. This way you give the child the sample of how to pronounce them, teach her to distinguish the sounds in the speech. And your baby listens and repeats the sounds after you.

    Catch me

    I am a m-o-o-ou-se,
    You are a c-a-a-a-t;
    O-o-o-ne, tw-o-o-o, thr-ee-e-e
    You catch m-e-e-e!

    I see

    I see gr-ee-e-e-n,
    I see ye-e-e-llow.
    I see that f-e-e-e-llow.
    I see wh-i-i-i-te, I see bl-a-a-ack.
    I see th-i-i-i-s, and th-i-i-i-s, and th-a-a-a-t.

    For many centuries mothers have done such an exercise when saying the rhymes, singing lullabies. When hearing a slow mother’s speech when she allocates the vowels, the baby begins to move her lips trying to repeat the articulation of the sounds. At first they don’t sound like the sounds pronounced by the mother, but the baby gets better and better later on.

    You should know

    – This way you educate your baby emotionally.
    – This activity lets you form bilateral contact with the child on the basis of a “revitalizing complex”.
    – That’s much fun for both of you.


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