How to Prevent Frequent Colds in Toddlers


    Younger kids, especially toddlers, have frequent colds (or acute respiratory infections, as they call it) because their immune system is still developing and is not strong enough to fight the malignant bacteria. This being said, it should be noted that if your child gets sick with cold 6 to 10 times a year, this is considered absolutely normal. After all, little kids deal with all kinds of bacteria every day, especially if they attend kindergartens. As your child’s immunity gets stronger, his body resistance enhances and colds become a less frequent issue.

    But in case your toddler gets sick more often than that, you should pay special attention to his lifestyle, diet, and the environment.

    What are the possible reasons of frequent colds?

    — inherited predisposition;
    allergization of your child’s body which leads to the change of the way your child’s body reacts to infection;
    — unfavorable environmental situation;
    — chronic infections in nasal pharynx and mouth;
    — immaturity of the immune system and respiration organs;
    poor nutrition;
    — pregnancy and delivery pathologies;
    — vitamin deficiency;
    — adrenal cortex function issues;
    — unsafe hygiene practices;
    — passive smoking;
    — bowel dysbacteriosis;
    constant stress;
    — early attendance of infant schools;
    — uncontrolled and frequent use of antibiotics;
    — during the post-vaccination period (1-3 months after vaccination) your child’s immunity may weaken.

    These are the most common factors that may lead to frequent colds and most of them can be eliminated if you follow certain rules. Watch your child and think of what kind of things surround him and what his living conditions are like.

    Methods to prevent colds in your kid

    1. Your kid’s room should be well-aired. The air in his room must be clear and cool (about 18 C degrees at night); air humidity must be around 50-70%.

    2. If possible, let your child have a separate room. Remove all the things that accumulate dust from it (carpets, rugs and lots of soft toys). Air the room frequently (airing it every time after you kid gets out of his bed in the morning is a must). Do the wet cleaning regularly and it would help a lot if you clean the room before your child goes to sleep.

    3. Let your toddler sleep in warm comfy pajamas in a clean bed with firm mattress (no pillow before your kid turns 2). Wash your child’s bed linen using special washing powder for kids.

    4. Your kid must drink a lot (compotes and fresh juices, fruit teas and fresh water of room temperature). Give him something to eat only when he’s hungry and don’t try to force-feed him. Remember that overeating may do a lot of harm.

    5. Let your child dress for the weather. Remember that overheating leads to illnesses much more often than overcooling does. Your toddler’s clothes should not be warmer than yours; kids have a better thermal exchange, which means that when you feel warm, your kid feels hot.

    6. Make sure the toys you buy for your kid are of the highest quality. If a toy gets dirty easily or has a weird smell, it’s not good for your kid. Buying lots of soft toys is not the best idea because they accumulate a lot of dust, allergens, and bacteria that cause illnesses.

    7. Daily walks in the fresh air are a must, especially before going to sleep.

    8. Playing or doing classes with other kids during a long time spent in sealed areas (rooms) are undesirable for kids who are prone to frequent colds.

    9. The best summer holidays are the ones spent in the country: lots of outdoors activity, clean air and a healthy diet will do the trick.

    Is your toddler one of those who tend to get sick often? What tricks do you use to strengthen his body and boost his immune system? Any advice of yours is priceless!


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