How to Improve Concentration in Kids: 7 Fun and Simple Exercises

    How to Improve Concentration

    Absent-mindedness and lack of attention are the quality that sometimes doesn’t help you to succeed in life. So if you notice your child has this quality, help him to deal with it. You wonder how to improve concentration? Easy, just by doing some simple exercises.

    A younger kid will treat the following exercises as just another game. Join forces with other moms and do these exercises with a group of kids. The most positive emotions are guaranteed!

    Exercise 1. Little bell

    Ring a little bell and ask your kid to listen to the way the sound vibrates. Tell him to raise a hand without saying a word when the bell goes silent. After this simple exercise is over, tell the kid to keep mute for a minute and pay attention to other sounds he can hear after the bell stops ringing. Ask him to tell you about the sounds he has heard. This exercise will help you develop speech skills, perception and attention.

    Exercise 2. Breathing

    Get a toy or some other small object and ask your kid to lie down on the floor and put the toy on his stomach. Let him breathe deeply in silence for a minute and pay attention to the way his breathing makes the toy go up and down — and to any other sensations he might experience. Ask him to imagine that all his worries turn into soap bubbles, rise in the air and fly far away. Meditative breathing will make your kid friendlier, calmer and allow him to see that his playing activities don’t always have to be noisy.

    Exercise 3. Meditation

    Your kid is still on the floor, ask him to close his eyes and tense up all his muscles as hard as he can. Have him clench his fists and toes, tense up his thighs and neck, raise his shoulders and throw his head back. He must try to keep this position for as long as he can, and then exhale deeply and relax.

    Exercise 4. Smells

    Give your child some object with a natural smell: for example, a small branch with jasmine blossoms or a lavender flower, an orange or lemon peel, or a geranium leaf. Ask him to close his eyes and to breathe in the smell trying to focus all his attention on it. This exercise stimulates brain activity, improves memory, attention, patience and the ability to focus.

    Exercise 5. Touching

    Prepare several objects of various sizes and shapes. They can be buttons, stones, feathers, balls, or soft toys. Ask your kid to close his eyes, fish an object out of a box (or a bag) and try to describe it. This exercise will be great not only for kids but for their parents too!

    Exercise 6. Heartbeat

    Ask your kid to jump for a minute and then sit down and press his hands against his chest where his heart is. Let him close his eyes and feel his own heartbeat. Ask him to tell you what else he can feel inside him.

    Exercises 7. Feelings

    You can call this exercise “Let’s talk about your feelings”. It would be much more fun, interesting and effective if your kid does it with a company of friends. Let your kid sit down and settle as comfortable as possible and tell you about his feelings. What does he feel? How does he know he’s got this feeling or that one? Does he think his feelings are connected with some organs in his body in any way? Also, ask him which feelings he favors the most and what he thinks he should do to feel better.

    If after doing the exercises you notice that your child is upset, remind him that he can always turn his worries into soap bubbles and relax with the help of meditation. If he needs some peace, let him listen to his own breathing or heartbeat for a couple of minutes. Of course, these are just a few exercises, you can come up with lots of them.

    Did you try any techniques different from the above-mentioned? Have you any other ideas how to improve concentration? We will be happy if you share your own experience with us.


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