How to Get Energy Back? 12 Sources of Vitality for Moms

    How to Get Energy

    Every mom has to perform various activities daily: to wash clothes, to cook, to clean, to feed, to iron, to dress, to undress, to bathe, to sweep, to wash, to vacuum, to sooth, to entertain, to hug, to listen, to support, to advise, to hug, to kiss, to persuade, to play, to treat, to read, to work … and more other thousand things she needs to do. Mom is a foundation of her family. She affects an atmosphere and a relationship in the family. Mom is constantly giving all of herself to the family: her affection, care, love, tenderness, attention, support… But mother is not iron. Mother is a woman. A woman who sometimes gets tired. So, how to get energy enough not only for the family but for yourself as well?

    It’s really great to have a schedule. Monday is for the gym, Saturday is a day of cleaning. But every mother knows: once you plan something, the child will get right sick or start cry; just everything will be turned upside down if you leave home for 2 hours!

    Therefore, let’s create a schedule … spontaneously! Once you have some free time – unashamedly spend it with yourself. Your child needs a happy and a satisfied mother!


    A sleepy mother is an angry, an annoyed, a cranky mother. Many young moms, having got children to nap, sigh quietly and run to do household chores, to work and to perform other activities.

    To get energy back, try to nap together with your children. And thus, you get several advantages – your children fall asleep faster when seeing you sleep by their side, and you restore energy. Just 20-30 minutes can be enough – it is just the time of REM sleep. And you wake up feeling relaxed and fresh. You can notice that if you nap longer than half an hour, 2-3 hours for example, then you wake up feeling a bit tired, and spend the rest of the day half asleep.

    Taking a bath

    The best way for you to restore energy can be taking a bath with sea salt or bath foam and a book in your hands. These 10-15 minutes help you to completely recover.


    If you don’t have an opportunity to fully take a hot bath with foam – it does not matter. A shower can help. 5-10 minutes of standing under a running hot water or 5 minutes of cold and hot shower – and you are fresh and active again.

    Walk alone

    When you spend 24 hours a day with the children, completely immerse in caring for them and household chores, the daily routine turns then into a long “Groundhog Day”. You wake up in the morning and know very well what happens today in the smallest details.

    To diversify your days, take the headphones and stroll down the streets about an hour. Your husband, for example, can spend this time with the kids. In an hour you come back home rested, full of energy, and ready to shine again and enjoy your life.


    Yes, you’ve got me right! Just turn on your favorite music and start dancing with the children. Kids love dancing as well, they understand it just like another game. Turn on a lively music and start to dance. A half an hour later, a burst of positive emotions both for you and kids is guaranteed.


    Well, that’s oddly enough, but 10-15 minutes of sport a day help you “recharge the batteries” and feel tiredness leaving you. You can go in for sports when your child is awake. And it’s even useful for the child to get used to the fact that sports are a useful part of his life. Just squat, roll a hoop.

    Just to lie

    Sometimes when you feel very tired, just lie for 5 minutes with your eyes closed. Such a rapid method helps you to quickly get energy back and to be a cheerful and a caring mother again.

    A cup of hot tea or coffee

    Another way to regain your both strength and energy is to drink a cup of hot tea or coffee with milk and to eat a piece of chocolate. It will take just 5-10 minutes, which, I think, every mother can find when she wants. If you’re one of the fans of tea parties, this method then will surely work for you.

    Walk in the fresh air

    While the kids are running around, you can take a break from household chores and join your kids playing games. Or just sit on a bench, listen to the birds singing, breathe in the fresh air. And you will come back home full of energy and the fatigue will be gone.

    Talking with friends

    No matter how banal it sounds, but a usual conversation can give us, women, high energy. After all, a friend can support, rejoice, sympathize, and stand all your complaints!


    Purchases! New dress! Dresses, things you love so much, perfume! Everything that brings you joy and satisfaction!

    To cry

    Yes. That’s an extreme method but a very effective one. Tears let you release pain, fatigue, and irritation. Tears clean, fill and give you peace of mind. The main thing is not to cry all the time so that not to sink into depression.

    Being a mom, a wife, a housewife, a cook, a lover, a muse, a beautiful woman, and always to stay cheerful and fun is impossible. Accept the fact. Don’t go to the trouble to be perfect in everything. Let yourself the indulgence. With love and acceptance. When you do not allow yourself to relax – others won’t let you do as well! Do not get exhausted. You’re just a woman! With your weaknesses and sensitivity! May you have more love, peace and harmony!

    And how do you cope with your fatigue? Maybe you have proven ways to recover? Share your experiences in the comments below to help other mums!


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