How to Choose the Best Potty Chair: Tips and Recommendations

    How to Choose the Best Potty

    When selecting the perfect potty chair for your little one you should consider some important factors like its type; material it is made of; design comfortable for your kid, and so on. But however your kid’s potty looks like it must be steady, safe, and with a good fit and size for your toddler to feel comfy when using it.

    Design and shape

    It’s better to start potty training by using classical models for your little one to immediately realize the purpose of the potty and not to distract from her main business. But there are different options.


    Girls will feel comfortable when sitting on an ordinary round potty. They can sit on it bringing their legs together.


    An anatomically potty is best for boys. You willy-nilly will have to keep the legs apart that is much easier for boys. However, girls would feel quite comfortably on such a potty as well.


    A potty of any shape can have a lid. That is quite convenient, especially if you plan to travel a lot or you can’t immediately pour the contents out of the potty.

    Splash guard

    Such a potty is more stable. When getting up, your child steps on the splash guard while keeping the potty steady and its contents is left inside.


    Both adults and kids can conveniently carry it.

    What potties are made of

    Mainly potties and toilet seats are made of plastic that can contain a special antimicrobal additive. You can’t wash such a potty with the chemicals to which a child can be allergic.

    Such plastic has antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

    Potty chair

    A potty chair has an opening for a removable pot. A kid can get used to such a chair before potty training. He can sit on it whatever he is engaged in. When purchasing a potty chair be sure that a pot is easily removed.

    Fun potty

    Fun potties are of different shapes, colors, and sizes, and of course, kids like them very much. But be careful, for a child can sit on such a potty longer than he should and this is wrong and not useful.

    Musical potty chairs

    As a rule such a potty combines several functions. It can be both a potty chair and resemble a small toilet bowl. But its main quality is music. As soon as a kid starts filling the potty, a melody is heard. This encourages the child and informs an adult when the kid can be removed from the potty.

    However, in addition to obvious advantages, musical potties have some disadvantages:

    – it is bulky;
    – a child can get used to it and won’t go toilet in a different place;
    – finally, hearing a familiar melody somewhere in a store, a child can perceive this as a guide to action.

    3-in-1 potty chair

    Such potty “grows up” together with the child and lets him easily accustom to a toilet bowl. When assembled, it looks more like a potty chair, and when disassembled it is a step stool and a seat on the toilet.

    Travel potty

    This is ideal for traveling. When collapsed, it is completely flat and takes up little space. And it is a usual round potty when open. You can buy disposable bags to this potty that are sealed and discarded.

    Kids toilet seat

    Please note: baby seats are universal, i.e. suitable for toilet bowls of different shapes and sizes, but there are also those suitable only to a specific type of toilet.

    A child toilet seat helps your little one get used to the toilet faster, and if she can’t sit down on it on her own help her by purchasing a special step stool.
    A seat can be of a classic round shape or anatomical with a backrest like anatomical potties.

    You can also use a child/adult toilet seat.

    A folded up potty seat is convenient to use outside. It is quickly expanded and securely attached to a toilet; it is suitable for toilet bowls of different sizes. Some folding seats are sold together with a special pouch in which the seat is automatically cleaned (some water and detergent are poured there for this purpose).
    A toilet seat with a step stool ladder is steady and is both ladder and handrails for a child to climb on the toilet bowl. He can also put his legs when sitting on the toilet. This structure leans against the toilet if necessary, and then is removed and folded down.

    What you should remember when choosing a potty

    – Pay attention to the stability of the potty;
    – think about how easy it is to carry a potty (whether the handle is convenient);
    – choose a potty with a lid if you can’t immediately empty it;
    – choose a simple and convenient model for your child, remember that a potty isn’t a toy, it’s a pot first of all.

    What you should remember when using a potty

    – Keep the potty clean.
    – Avoid cracks and burrs as this can injure the delicate kid’s skin.

    Pediatricians believe that a shape of a potty, its color and the number of “gadgets” (music, parts that can be unscrewed, painted eyes and protruding ears) have no fundamental significance.

    It is important that a potty is not perceived as a toy but as a subject of a quite specific purpose. So do not encourage games with a potty.

    It is desirable that it is comfy and made of environmentally friendly plastic.

    It is important that its size fits the kid’s one; that it is not cold. A potty with a backrest is very comfortable and helps your little one keep his back straight.

    It is not fundamentally important whether you use a potty or a toilet bowl, you chose the best option both for you and your child. Considering the fact that, especially at first, potty training can be delayed, you would find it more convenient to use a potty. But combining a potty with a toilet is a perfect option, especially for boys.

    What potty do both you and your kid prefer? What do you pay attention to when choosing a potty?


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