How to Boost Intelligence of Your Child

    How to Boost Intelligence

    Dear readers, we’ve considered together many important issues on development and education of babies. So today I want to share a brief review of education approaches based on the studies of Glen Doman, he offers two ways how to boost intelligence of children – wrong and right one. The choice is up to you which way is the most appropriate. These approaches to education can be used as for older children so for the youngest ones.

    How to make your child a chowderhead

    Recipe for the creation of stupidity

    1. Teach out of duty rather as a privilege.
    2. Talk monotonously and without enthusiasm.
    3. Be tense.
    4. Show doubt in your manner and action.
    5. Don’t give him any new information.
    6. Show old information over and over again.
    7. Give him information accidently – randomly.
    8. Make the learning materials small and hard to see.
    9. Provide a chaotic environment in which to learn.
    10. Teach him when he is unhappy, angry, tired or in pain.
    11. Always show material very, very slowly.
    12. Don’t stop a teaching session until he says “Stop!” or walks away in disgust.
    13. Suspect that he does not really know it.
    14. Bet against him.
    15. Refuse to change your approach; do everything the same way each day.
    16. Bribe him to get him to learn.
    17. Tell him myth rather than truth.
    18. Forget promises made to him.
    19. Correct him often.
    20. Test him often (if he succeeds, assume it was a lucky guess; if he fails, be certain he does not know it).
    21. When he asks a question, tell him to go and play.

    How to make your child incredibly capable

    Recipe for success

    1. Teach him because you think that it’s a great idea and a privilege for him.
    2. Talk clearly, loudly and with enthusiasm.
    3. Relax and enjoy yourself.
    4. Trust your kid; show it in your attitude, manner and actions.
    5. Always be giving him new information.
    6. Once he knows old information, put it away.
    7. Teach him with purpose and in a highly organized way.
    8. Make the learning materials large and easy to see.
    9. Provide an environment free from visual, auditory and tactile distractions.
    10. Teach him only at times when he is happy and well.
    11. Always show material very, very quickly.
    12. Always stop before he wants to stop.
    13. Trust that he knows the things you have taught him.
    14. Be on his side, bet on him.
    15. Always be willing to to change your approach; make each day new and exciting.
    16. Present knowledge as a privilege that he has earned.
    17. Always, always tell him the truth.
    18. Always keep a promise you make.
    19. Give him the correct answer rather than jumping on the wrong one.
    20. Don’t test him. (If he wants to show you what he knows and succeeds, trust that he knows it. If he fails, suspect that he is pulling your leg.)
    21. When he asks you a question, answer honestly and factually, with enthusiasm.

    What ways do you use to teach your little one something new? What is your approach? Share your tips and experience below in the comment form!


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