How to Be a Good Dad: 15 Ideas to Spend a Fun Time with Your Daughter

    How to Be a Good Dad

    Every sane man asks himself how to be a good dad to his daughter. Since, the way a woman percepts herself and other men later in life, tightly depends on relationship with her dad in an early childhood. Studies show that a girl, who used to actively contact with her dad when a child, grows up a confident one, she respects her body, has a high self-esteem, and is ready to life in an “adult” world.

    Our 15 ideas will help you to become the best dad and friend for your daughter. And you both will enjoy a happy process of parenting.

    1. Act like a kid, fool around together with your daughter. The key to parenting is not to behave according to your age. Fight with your little one on the floor; fall down together on the sofa, into the snow, or a pile of leaves; let her ride you like a horse. It is fun and helps to establish a closer relationship with the child.

    2. Organize picnics for your daughter and her friends. When grilling some meat, use the opportunity to meet people that are an important part of your daughter’s life.

    3. Maintain an active lifestyle with your daughter. Play games, jump rope, walk outside, ride bikes, throw the ball into the basket, do some physical exercises. Studies have shown the more physically active a girl when a kid and an adolescent, the less likely that in the future she’ll have some troubles like teen pregnancy, abusing drugs, eating disorders, etc. The more physically active we are, the more we respect our body – we appreciate its importance and the opportunities.

    4. Hold the child tight. Drop several soft pillows and warm blankets on the floor, take some popcorn or other delicious things and read stories together or watch your daughter’s favorite movies and cartoons. Embrace is a great way to create a close, emotional bond.

    5. Instill a love for history in your daughter. Take old photo albums and show them to your daughter. Point out her place on the family tree. Tell her the stories about the life when you were growing up, about the interesting events that took place in the country and in the world.

    6. Try to listen to your daughter. Take a break from reading a newspaper or watching a football match. Listen with both your ears and eyes. Focus on the things important to her: what she dreams about, what she believes in, and what she feels. Ask questions to attract her attention, and then carefully and silently listen to her answers. Your attention will tell the girl that her state of mind is paramount for you.

    7. Ask your daughter on a date. Book a table in a restaurant, get dressed appropriately, open and hold the door of your car for her. Show her what it means to be in the company of a gentleman.

    8. Participate in her school activities. Make sure that your girl has the same opportunities as boys. Attend her concerts and race. Convince your daughter to take an active part in school clubs. Help the coach of her team or the class leader during trips and fun activities.

    9. Take your daughter to your work. Introduce her to the colleagues, show her the rooms, and let her see you working. Tell her that a job is more than just a place. Show her what it means to work, that money is important, and what to invest your time in.

    10. On the Father’s Day surprise your daughter by walking with her or boating on a lake. Ask her how the week passed. Let her see your, male, attitude to her questions and problems.

    11. On a rainy Sunday arrange a cooking sandwiches competition. Tell your daughter about your favorite recipe and ask her to share with you some of her culinary secrets.

    12. Write notes for your daughter. Write that you live her and are proud of her. Tell her in the notes why she is a wonderful and unique person. Hide one note under her pillow, send another one by email, and put a third one in her school satchel.

    13. Hike together with your daughter. Place a tent on a picturesque meadow. Fry slices of bread and look at the stars. Enjoy together the tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

    14. Go shopping together. Find out what clothes and musiс she prefers.

    15. Laugh together. Demonstrate the joy of life to your daughter.

    There’s an endless list of activities a father can perform together with his daughter. Unfortunately, the time available for dads and their little daughters is not infinite.

    Dear dads, you can read bedtime stories for your daughter, she still looks forward to meeting you at home in the evening, and you are the most important man in her life. So, please fully use your status and enjoy every minute spent with her.

    And how do you strengthen bonds with your daughter? What activities do you perform?


      • Right, Menstellar, that feeling is the best one. I pray your dream will come true and you spend the most wonderful time with your daughter!


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