How Much and How Baby Should Drink Water

    Drink Water

    It’s no use to make a healthy child drink water. That is, if the doctor told you that the baby must drink 100 ml of water a day but he refuses, it is not a tragedy. Your task is to offer him, and the child decides by himself whether he wants to drink or not.

    It is generally accepted that a child should drink boiled water. You should know that boiled water has nothing to do with the biological needs of a human, since no one normal living creature drinks boiled water.

    The aim of boiling is to destroy pathogens, but the dissolved salts precipitate that are also necessary for the child’s body.

    Thus, it is necessary to kill two birds with one stone – to provide purity of water while preserving its natural composition. Solution to this problem is simple, and it can be done in the following ways:

    1. bring water from an artesian well: 3 liter jar, which, when closed, will stand in the refrigerator for 1-2 months;
    2. buy a bottle of mineral water of a neutral taste in a grocery store. If the water is aerated, remove gas by opening the bottle, slightly shaking it and waiting a bit;
    3. you can also provide purity of water and mineral composition of the fluid by preparing a decoction of raisins. This is done as follows: wash raisins thoroughly in a cold water and brew as tea or steam in a thermos – 1 tablespoon of raisins + 1 cup of boiling water. An hour later warm the beverage to the desired temperature and drink.

    Amount of fluid the child requires depends on the amount of liquid he loses. The main ways of losing body water are humidification of the inhaled air and sweating.

    The warmer the air in the room and the warmer the child is dressed, the more liquid he loses and the more he needs to drink.

    When the room temperature does not exceed 20 degrees, it is very difficult to make the baby drink. When the room temperature is 24 degrees, the baby needs to drink approximately 30 ml of water per 1 kg of the body weight per day, that is, about 100 ml for a newborn.

    Of course it is necessary to give the baby water between feedings, if he is awake, for example, in an hour after feeding. A healthy baby, who doesn’t get enough water, can’t ever sleep calmly between feedings. When there’s lack of liquid in the body, intestinal juice is thick and cannot cope with its responsibilities for food processing. And the child has tummy ache. Thus, when the child drinks water, he doesn’t cry. If it is impossible to avoid loss of fluid – it is very hot, the priority should be given to providing the baby with water in addition to breast milk.

    Unlike baby formulas, the temperature of which should be 36-37 degrees, the water can be cooler – 26-30 degrees during the first 1-2 months of life, and about 20 degrees – for older children.

    In any case, the problem of drinking is secondary. It simply does not exist, if the room has proper temperature (18-19 degrees). And that’s why willingness or unwillingness to drink water is an extremely convenient criterion that allows answering the question: is there overheating in the room or not. The child is healthy, but guzzles water – the room is overheated. Quickly take measures. If the child refuses to drink – don’t make him (your task is to offer).

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