Horsey Song – Active and Funny Game for Babies 6 Months


    Horsey song is a funny activity your baby will surely like. Sing the song or just say the rhyme using the sign language. Thus your little one will hear the rhyme, see the movements, try to perform it by himself (of course with your help) and remember the words faster.

    So first of all repeat or teach horse like in the game Learn about Animals. Teach wheel-barrow and repeat other vehicles with the help of activity I Like to Drive My Car.

    Discuss the feet and tails of animals, what sounds their feet make when animals go and how the tails wave. Count your feet and hear how you walk with them – stomp, stomp. Discuss whether you have tails and whether you can wave them.

    Take a ball and a cube and see which one can go round and which one can’t do.

    Examine the wheels of the vehicles – color, size, how they go round, count the wheels of each vehicle.

    Teach the baby how to stop – run and stop, jump and stop, turn around and stop, etc.

    It’s also very important to make horse arts and crafts – color a picture, stick horse’s tail on the picture, spread plasticine with the fingers on the pictuer of the horse, etc.

    Now when you are ready to perform the rhyme, fix several ribbons on your waist as a tail and put a horse headband on your head. You can put your little one on your shoulders, in a little wheel-barrow or just let him see you performing the activity – watch your baby’s mood and desire.

    Horsey, horsey, don’t you stop!
    Trot in place (balance your body on one leg and then the other, trotting in the circle).

    Your feet go clippetty clop,
    As above.

    The tail goes swish
    Move your bottom and wave your arm behind you.

    Giddy up, we’re homeward bound.
    Trot in place (balance your body on one leg and then the other, trotting in the circle).

    You should know

    – Rhythm and rhyme help baby learn the sense of his native language.

    – The activity broadens baby’s horizons (he knows about some peculiarities of horses).

    – Baby’s imagination and drama are being developed.

    – The child learns sign language.


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