Holding the Baby


    The activity Holding the Baby is one more way for you to express huge love and caring to your baby.

    Hug your baby tight, call her pretty one, and say that you love her. Then start kissing her body parts. It’s better for you to make rhymes like this: head-hand, nose-toes, neck-leg etc. And say: I love to kiss your neck, I love to kiss you leg, etc. Then you can tickle your baby’s neck, leg, knee, tummy and say: It’s so funny!

    The rhyme will help you talk to your little one in a melodious way.

    Pretty one, I love you.
    I hug you tight, I love you.
    I love to kiss your head.
    I love to kiss your head.
    I love to kiss your nose.
    I love to kiss your toes.
    Pretty one, I love you.
    I hug you tight, I love you.
    I love to kiss your knee.
    I love to kiss your neck.
    I love to kiss your tummy.
    Brrr…. It’s funny!

    You should know

    1. Development of a Baby

    – The typical baby follows a known developmental sequence starting at birth in head-to-toe progression. Holding a baby in such a way activates the nervous system starting at the head.

    – Muscles and networks around the head are the first to develop as they are closer to the branching neurons in the brain. So the networks around the head are shorter and easier to grow than networks reaching the toes. That’s why babies discover their toes last.

    – Holding a baby speeds up the process of the body discovery by stimulating the neurons – even those the furthest from the brain.

    2. Emotions of a Baby

    – Even a 4-month-old baby gets very anxious and wide-eyed when he hears an angry voice. When the voice is sweet, happy and loving he remains happy. When holding a baby while putting her up and down and turning around you should keep an eye contact with the baby wherever it’s possible. Babies and infants need their parents’ attention to feel loved and important.

    – What’s the most important, the babies need to be hugged and cuddled to develop. Baby’s breathing receives its rate from the parent’s one. Touching the baby’s face stimulates the sucking reflex. Hearing parents talking stimulates and helps the baby to talk.

    – Bonding with the baby is the basis for a life-time relationship. You can’t spoil your baby with love. What you need is to love, enjoy and feel the baby’s needs.

    3. Happy and Confident Body Language

    – Jean Leidloff says in her book “Continuum concept” (1975) that if the infant is kept in constant contact with a caretaker’s body, his energy field is united with hers and being excessively energetic, he can be calmed down. As  his excess energy flows into hers, the infant can remain relaxed, free of accumulating tension. She says that until the baby is crawling, the child should be held as often as possible.

    – You teach your baby happy and confident body language. Lack of acceptance of one’s own body in the first two years of life is the cause low self-esteem. Touch, stroking, hugging, cuddling. It holds baby’s body temperature stable and breathing rate constant. You must know how important is ypur ability to give love to your children. And all you need is to fill your children’s lives with warmth and love.


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