Hickory Dickory Dock Activity

    Hickory Dickory Dock

    Hickory Dickory Dock activity is based on the well-known song, and acting it out is a great way to spend unforgettable time with your precious baby.

    Before performing movements show your baby a picture of a clock with a pendulum and show how it works (pendulum swings from side to side, the clock strikes).

    As well as show a mouse. If your baby doesn’t know this animal he will learn it, if he knows it – you will remind him one more time.

    You can also involve your dad in this activity if there is such an opportunity. Dad can play one more mouse along with you.

    Act out movements up and down – hands up and down, head up and down etc.

    Repeat counting – you can clap, jump, nod head etc. one, two, three etc. times.

    Stand in front of your little one. Say that he will show movements of the pendulum and you will play the mouse.

    The child swings his arms from side to side as the pendulum: Hickory Dickory Dock.

    You use your fingers as feet of the mouse and run up the child’s body from her/his foot up to the head: The mouse ran up the clock.

    You all clap hands: The clock struck one (two, three, etc.).

    This time you are running with your fingers down the child’s body: The mouse ran down.

    And again children’s arms are swinging sideways: Hickory Dickory Dock.

    Hickory Dickory dock,
    The mouse ran up the clock,
    The clock struck one
    The mouse ran down,
    Hickory Dickory dock.

    First sing the song slowly. Then you can try with the CD or online in the internet.
    Older children can also perform this activity.

    Your baby will have great fun, especially, when being tickled, and will have a great laugh.


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