Healthy Pregnancy Meal Plan: Easy and Delicious Cottage Cheese Recipe

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    How to make a healthy, easy and simple breakfast for a mom-to-be.

    When I was pregnant, I was wondering how to create my pregnancy meal plan, especially breakfast, and of course it should have been healthy. After several attempts, I preferred to start my day with cottage cheese. Luckily I never had no any nausea and vomiting, so I gladly ate it. Hope you and your little one will like it either. Anyway, I would love to read your impressions and thoughts in the comment section. It is very easy and quickly to make, and what’s most important, it is healthy and delicious both for you and your baby.

    Ingredients and directions

    To prepare the delicious meal, be sure to take smiles and good mood into the kitchen 🙂

    Then take any cottage cheese you like. I preferred fat-free one.

    Now add some raisins to it.

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    Then add some banana, shredded carrot and apple. I took some leftover juice pulp. I found this kind of its use, since very often I wonder what to do with that after juicing 🙂

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    And the last step is to add some sour cream.

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    Now mix everything and here you are, your delicious breakfast is ready!

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    You can come up with any other different ingredients you like.

    It will be great if you share your ideas with us! Let’s exchange experience and make our pregnancy even more happy time for us girls?


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