Healthy Diet Plan for Kids: Everyday Menu

    Healthy Diet Plan

    A child, especially a child of elementary school age, needs a healthy diet plan like no one else. After all, going to school is a big lifestyle change for a little person of 6-7 years old.

    Let’s talk about what kind of food your child should eat and how to make a right menu for him. A right menu means a healthy diet, and a healthy diet means that your kid will be less prone to illnesses of various kinds. By creating your child’s menu right, you will build the basis for his body’s healthy growth and development — that is, for his future health and well-being.

    Daily menu for your kid


    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Quite often people just don’t want to eat in the morning (we are sure it’s familiar to you too). To let your kid develop some appetite, try not to feed him until he is completely awake. Morning exercises can be a great help here. It may take your kid 30 to 40 minutes to feel properly awake so it would make sense to get up early. Your child’s breakfast has to be balanced and it should give your kid as much energy as it would be enough for 3-4 hours.

    What are the perfect foods your kid can eat for breakfast? All kinds of porridges, mashed potatoes, pasta. It would also be great if you give your child some fruit or berries 20 minutes before the main meal. This will increase his appetite and make his digestion easier, it goes without saying that your child will get lots of vitamins and minerals from berries. Natural juice, tea, compote or cocoa would make a great drink to go with any breakfast food.


    This meal can contain:

    – Fresh natural juice. Never give your kid any packaged juices. They just don’t sell any natural juices in stores nowadays and a package that has “natural juice” or “nectar” words on it most probably contains something quite unwholesome, not just for kids but for adults as well.

    – Fruit. The greatest kind of snack for a child. Fruits contain lots of vitamins, micro- and macroelements, enzymes, antioxidants and other wholesome stuff as well as fiber that is really good for digestion and that actually any person needs in his or her diet.

    – Cookies. Try to choose cookies that don’t just taste good but also won’t hurt your kid’s health. Read what is written on the package and make sure there are no harmful ingredients. But the best option would of course be home-made cookies: you can always be sure about what you put in there.

    – Water. Giving your kid regular drinking water without gas is a must. Your child, just as any adult, needs drinking water, and no teas, juices or other drinks can substitute it. How much water does your child need every day? It’s quite easy to calculate: 30 ml for every kilogram of your kid’s weight.


    Dinner should be a full meal that consists of first course, second course, and dessert.

    First course. This may contain a small amount of meat, fish or vegetable soup or any kind of liquid hot meal.

    Second course. Some boiled or stewed meat, fish, and vegetables with some side-dish would be just fine.

    Dessert. Any sweets you think will be ok for your kid.

    Afternoon snack

    It might make sense to give your kid a small snack between dinner and supper. The foods your child can have at this time of the day are:

    – Yoghurt and cookies.
    – Fresh fruit.
    – Tea and sandwich (bread & butter with cheese).
    – Milk and a muffin.


    Don’t give your kid much to eat in the evenings; overeating is not good for his health. It’s better if your child has supper at least 2 hours before he goes to bed. What can you offer your kid for supper?

    – Fried eggs or scrambled eggs.
    – Curd cheese.
    – Stewed vegetables.
    – Buckwheat, rice or oatmeal porridge.
    – Stewed fish.

    Foods to avoid in your kid’s menu

    First of all, you must exclude any kinds of prefabricated food — or at least minimize their amount in your kid’s diet. In case you still buy these kinds of food on a regular basis, always pay attention to what kind of ingredients they contain. Remember that you are the person who is responsible for your child’s health.
    These are some foods you should avoid giving your kid at any point:

    – Potato chips or other snacks with synthetic flavorants.
    – Sausages.
    – Any semi-products.
    – Bubble gums.
    – Packaged juice.
    – Lollipops.
    – All kinds of carbonated drinks, no exceptions.
    – Fast food.

    Remember that the food your child eats should taste good, be wholesome and never be excessive. You must feed your child at least once every 4 hours to avoid biliary retention and, as a result, an issue of gallstones. It is recommended that your kid should take vitamin courses at least three times a year.

    Any parent should understand his responsibility when making the proper menu for his child. As it’s already been mentioned above, a healthy menu makes a healthy kid. But actually, it’s not only about health for a healthy kid is a kid who makes good at school and gets good marks.

    Of course you doesn’t need to strictly follow this diet plan, it’s just an example. Every child is unique and an approach to him should be individual.

    What kinds of wholesome food do you offer your child? Please share your experience with us and other moms!


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