Hand Painting Ideas for Kids

    Painting Ideas for Kids

    Hand is the first and the most convenient tool your child can begin his artistic creativity with. Young children have difficulties holding a brush, so here are some hand painting ideas for kids from the very babyhood to create their first masterpieces. You can either use finger paints for the baby to draw with fingers and palms, or you outline the baby’s hands with a pencil and then just color the shapes.

    To do these activities you need finger paints, several pieces of paper and your child’s hands and feet.

    Elk. Outline the child’s leg on the album sheet of paper, color it brown and cut it out. Outline the right and the left baby’s hands, color them brown, and cut them out. Glue the hands to the heel – here you get the horns. Draw eyes, nose, and mouth on the face. Here is a cute elk.

    Flower. Draw the middle of a flower and make prints of hands (or outline the hands with a pencil) round it – these are petals.

    Sun. Place a hand in the corner, spread fingers as wide as possible, and you will get the sun with the rays pointing downward.

    Cloud. Make a fist and outline it – here is a cloud. Draw raindrops or snowflakes.

    Bunny. Outline and cut a hand. Then bend the thumb, ring finger and the little finger – here is the Bunny. Draw eyes, mouth, and nose.

    Crocodile. Cut out the outline of a hand. Bend the ring finger and the little one. The thumb is an eye, the index and middle fingers are the mouth (it is good if you have curly scissors and cut out the hand with these scissors – you will get the crocodile with pimples).

    Fir-tree. Put a hand fingers downward. Put one hand first on the top of the sheet of paper, then two hands and so on like a pyramid.

    Magpie. Draw a circle (the head), an ellipse (the body), imprint the hands with the fingers spread apart on the sides of the body (wings), and the tail – fingers together downward. Draw a beak and here’s a flying magpie!

    Rooster. Outline a hand with the fingers upward. Draw the legs below. The thumb is a beak, the rest four fingers are the comb, draw an eyes on the palm. You can color each finger a different color. You need to to feed the rooster – draw corns.

    Tree. Draw a tree on a broadsheet (trunk and branches), and hands are the leaves. In summer they are green, in autumn – yellow and red.

    Octopus. Outline a hand on a piece of paper, fingers downward. Draw an arc on the top of the palm – it is the head of the octopus. Draw eyes, nose, and mouth – you’ve got a very pretty octopus!

    Elephant. Print the hand fingers downward and the thumb sticking out (it’s the trunk), draw the ear, eye, tusks, and tail – the elephant is ready!

    Here you can download some more pictures for new ideas





    Painting Ideas for Kids




    You should know

    – The activities promote great development of creativity.

    – Manipulations with hands and fingers are useful for early language development.

    – This is lots of fun and positive emotions!


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