Gymnastic Games for Babies

    Gymnastic Games

    Gymnastic games are the best opportunity for both you and your baby to warm up playfully and have lots of fun together. The baby is too young of course, but when you turn up a merry melody and start performing the movements and dancing and singing by yourself, your little one will be involved and surely join you. Don’t worry if the baby does not perform the movements properly. Later on, when he gets older, he will master them and you will be able to complicate the movements and add more new ones.

    You can sing the songs using ribbons, rattles, scarves, pompons, etc. You are free to use your imagination and compose any music to the words.

    Up, up, up

    Up, up, up,
    Down, down, down,
    Turn around, around, around.

    Raise both arms to the ceiling.
    Touch the floor.
    Turn around several times.

    Jump up higher,
    Bend down lower,
    Twirl around! Weee we go!

    Jump up with the arms up.
    Bend down (bend your knees) to the floor.
    Twirl around on your bottom on the floor (body twisters are perfect for this purpose).

    Hands up

    Hands up,
    Hands down,
    Hands all around.

    Raise your hands up.
    Bring your hands down.
    Make circular movements with both hands.

    Legs up,
    Legs down,
    Legs all around.

    Sit down and lift both legs off the floor.
    Lower the legs back on the floor.
    Make circular movements with both legs.

    Move arms and legs for some period of time and when your baby learns them, add other body parts to the activity.

    Sing the verses as many times as you wish. To make the activity even more funny take any favorite toy and dance together with it (this trick will also help you involve the little one if he doesn’t want to join you. But if he still doesn’t want to, don’t force him, let him just watch you dancing and singing and he will surely join you some time later).

    You should know

    – These movements are a kind of massage for the baby.

    – The baby learns about the concepts up-down-around.

    – Positive emotions are very important for the baby’s healthy emotional state development.

    – You will spend merry time together and strengthen warm relationships between you.

    – Read about influence of rhymes on baby’s development.


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