Green Leaves and Blue Sky. Exploring World with Babies

    Green Leaves

    When a child comes into this world, everything is new to him, so he starts actively discovering it. And now, parents, he can’t do without your assiatance and direction. “Green Leaves and Blue Sky” activity will be of use for you when you help your baby explore this beautiful world.

    Start with the basic things of the world that sarround us. Everytime when walking point to the sky, the sun, leaves and apples on an appple tree or in a bowl in the kitchen. Talk to your baby, say the names of the things you show and tell him about their colors. If possible, let the baby take the items into his hands, touch them and even take them into his mouth (if it is safe, of course).

    Always say this rhyme while teaching your little one. Change the objects and their colors in the rhyme as your child learns them, thus expanding his horizons.

    The leaves are green,
    The sky is blue.
    The apples are red,
    The sun is yellow.
    Green, blue, red and yellow.
    What is green? What is green?
    The leaves are green. The leaves are green.
    What is blue? What is blue?
    The sky is blue. The sky is blue.
    What is red? What is red?
    The apples are red. The aples are red.
    What is yellow? What is yellow?
    The sun is yellow. The sun is yellow.

    You should know

    – This promotes faster cognitive development of your baby.

    – When taking ojects, baby’s grasping reflex is being developed.

    – The activity satisfies the child’s desire to learn.

    – Bonding between you and your little one strengthens and baby’s need for communication with you is met.

    – The baby learns to ask questions and answer them and his speaking skills and brain are being developed faster.


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