Games to Play Outside: Drawing with Chalk on Asphalt

    Games to Play Outside

    At last, it’s spring already with its warm and sunny days! And the kids start spending more time outside than they do at home. What are the game ideas to keep your child entertained for hours? Among various games to play outside, chalk games are much fun and will help your child to develop both cerativity and imagination. Either you can play the following games with the whole family or invite your kid’s friends and let them enjoy the playing time.

    A town

    All kids will like this game especially the ones who love role-playing games. Draw a house for every child (as big as about 1×1 m) and decorate it a bit. The kids can do that by themselves too. Draw the paths from the house to house as well so that their inhabitants can visit each other. On every house write its owner’s name.

    Next, let your imagination go – draw together everything that can be in the town: a shop, a market, a river, etc. The children themselves will come up with the places they’ll visit and the activities they’ll perform.

    Instead of children, dolls and other toys can be the owners of the houses.


    Draw chamomiles on asphalt with the diameter about 50-100 cm. Children are bees who “fly” running among the flowers. Once the leader says: Bees, to the flowers! everyone should find a flower and stand on it.


    This game will be interesting if the children go outside with the cars, bicycles, scooters, etc.

    Draw the curves on asphalt, and their both the width and the length will depend on the vehicle that will go along them. On such roads it is interesting to draw several road signs, the pedestrian crossings, the traffic lights, etc., and at the same time teach children traffic rules. Parents can be pedestrians.

    As a variant, you can draw several straight paths for the toy cars and arrange a race which one will go faster.

    You can also organize a competition with the bouncy balls: who will manage to run the ball so that it rolls exactly along the entire path without moving to a side.

    A rope-walker

    You draw a long straight line and the children should perform the tasks you give. For example:

    1) to slowly walk exactly along the line and not to get off it;
    2) to walk fast along the line and not to get off it;
    3) to jump on one leg along the line;
    4) to jump on two legs so that the line is between the legs (it’s forbidden to step on it) and so on.

    To complicate the task, you can draw several curves or paths and give the kids more complex tasks.

    An island

    Option 1

    Draw a circle, the diameter of which will let the kids hardly fit there. The leader sys: Swim! and the children pretend they swim in the sea. Then the leader cries: A shark! All the players should quickly stand on the island so that not even a piece of the shoes protrudes out of the circle. The leader-shark catches the kid who hasn’t have time to take a place on the island, and then he becomes the leader.

    Option 2

    Draw an island of a large diameter so that the children can freely stand on it. The leader says: Swim! and the players “swim” near the “island”. Once they hear: A shark! everyone stands on the island.

    The next time, reduce the diameter of the circle by erasing the old border. When the leader says: A shark! it is not so easy already for children to fit on the island. “The shark eats” those who couldn’t fit – they drop out of the game.

    Each time the circle gets smaller and smaller. The last player who manages to run into the circle is the winner.

    Finish the drawing

    A first player draws a piece of an object or an animal not saying what it should be.

    The next one should continue by drawing something of his own and so on. The last player draws the final detail to get an understandable image of the object or the animal.

    It’s lots of fun to see the result and guess what it is.

    The ABC

    Draw the ABC on asphalt. Near each letter leave an empty space, and the child should draw an object beginning with this letter.

    Learning colors

    Draw the circles of different colors on asphalt. You name the color and the child should quickly jump on it.

    A labyrinth

    Draw a labyrinth so that the child can freely walk along its paths. You can just let the kid look for a way out, and you can also complicate the game by drawing any task in the dead ends, for example, to jump 10 times on one leg, etc.

    A shadow

    This is a fun activity for children of all ages. It is great to play when its sunny outside. A player-artist draws a shadow of another participant who stands in any position. The funnier the shadow, the funnier the picture. Then the players swap roles, and the one who was the “artist” becomes the poseur. He can continue the picture by standing so that to get a certain plot of both his shadow and the previous drawing. So, the kids can continue the picture by outlining the shadows of many players.


    You can play twister by drawing colored circles on asphalt.

    Join the dots

    One player comes up with a certain object and draws points. The other player should correctly draw the lines from point to point so that to draw the planned object.

    And what other chalk game ideas do you know?


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