Games for Sensory Perception Development from Babyhood


    Little children adore to explore the world, they love to learn the properties of objects by touching, manipulating them and taking them into the mouth. These fascinating games will perfectly help you develop your child’s sensory perception from the very early age.

    Warm – Cold

    Take two small plastic bottles and fill one with warm water and the other one with cold water. Show the bottles to your baby, touch them and say that here is warm water, and here is cold water. Let the baby touch the bottles. Ask him where warm and cold water are. Your baby can’t yet answer so do it yourself and show him the warm and cold bottles again.

    Pour a thin stream of water on baby’s hands and comment your actions: “Water-water. Cold water, warm water.” Let the baby play with the water as much time as he wants. You can fill your and baby’s hands with it and watch the water “running away”, you can squatter and splash on water, you can watch the water dripping from the fingers.

    Every time the baby washes hands, ask him whether the water is cold or warm. Note that the soap is smooth and slippery, the towel is soft and fluffy, and teach him to distinguish between dry and wet napkins at the table.

    Smooth and Fluffy

    Let your baby examine rubber and big tennis balls – view, touch, play (throw, roll). Take the rubber ball and say that it is smooth: “Stroke the ball with your hand, it is smooth“. Now let him do the same with the tennis ball: “This ball is fluffy“.

    Put the balls in a row in front of the baby and ask where smooth and fluffy balls are. Help your little one find the balls.

    You can also touch baby’s cheecks and nose with the balls for him to have fun and feel the difference – this is an important point of this game.

    Playing with Cereal

    To play this game take a bowl filled with rice for example, two plastic cups, small toys or objects, and a buckram to cover the table.

    Examine cereal with the baby, manipulate it: take it in your hand, let it go through the fingers, put some grains of rice into a hand, and so on.

    Pour the rice from one cup into another one. Teach your baby to take the cereal into one hand, two hands and pour it out then. Hide one or several toys or objects in the cereal and say: “The rabbit is hidden!” for example and ask the baby to find it. Praise him when he finds the toy: “Oh, look! The rabbit is back again!

    The game can be played many times. You can choose any type of cereal, but watch the baby not to take it into his mouth!

    You can do the same activities with sand.

    Filling and emptying the cups are interesting and fascinating activities for the baby.

    You should know

    These activities help your baby develop touch. Complicated systems of our body help us determine different properties of objects but the skin on the whole body, especially on the hands, is the main organ of touch. It will take some time for your baby to accumulate his sensory experience. Of course, he will learn a lot of things in everyday life, but such purposeful activities promote faster development of his sensory abilities.

    When playing these games, your task is to teach your child to grasp an object, to touch it with one or two hands in order to get information about its specific properties and to develop his skin sensitivity.


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