Funny Sounds

    Funny Sounds

    The game “Funny Sounds” will give you and your baby lots of fun and great giggle.

    Show all the vocabulary – bee, bubble, sugar and tea and say the sounds.  Act out all the vocabulary while rhyming rhythmically:


    What funny sounds can we make?
    Buzz – that’s a bee,
    Pop – that’s a bubble,
    Achoo – that’s a sneeze. 
    Plop – that is sugar in the tea.

    You can make any other sounds and put them into words.

    You should know

    –  Having fun with sounds develops your baby’s ability to absorb and play with the sounds of your native language.

    –  Acting out sounds in a silly manner develops your baby’s imagination and sense of humor. Giggle and laugh together.

    –  Such a rhyme stimulates the development of both ear dominance – both musical and emotional as well as detail and word.

    –  Every baby is born with a dominant ear. The left ear is more emotional, tonal and musical. The right ear is more analytical preferring details and words. It doesn’t matter which ear is dominant. It’s important to develop and stimulate both of them.

    What can you do at home to stimulate binaural hearing (hearing in both ears)?

    1. Use rattles, keys, bells (and anything that rings and clangs) on one side of your child.
    You can even hide a ringing object behind your back.
    Your child will turn his head towards the sound or will crawl to find the sound source.
    Then move your bell to the other side of your baby and he will turn his head to that side.
    Your baby may not move the heat at once towards the sound. That’s all right.
    But the more you do this, the more you tickle the hair in the ear, transform into electrical impulses and move to the hearing section in the brain.
    This can take time in your infant’s brain. But the more he does it, the faster and more developed the process will be.

    2. Massage your baby’s earlobes gently. Massage them both at the same time top to bottom to top.
    This activity helps the networks between earlobes and the brain develop.


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