Fun Ways to Lose Weight for Busy Moms

    Lose Weight

    In an earlier article you can find workout tips for you and your little at home, and now we are glad to share with you some exercises to lose weight when you are busy with everyday housework and you don’t even have a free minute.

    “When will I slim down?” is one of the top popular questions asked by busy moms all over the world, sharing the list with questions like “Why is my baby crying?” and “Am I a bad mom?” The funny thing is a young mom can find several explanations to why she can’t lose weight no matter how much she tries right away:

    — “I breastfeed my baby and that’s why I need to eat all the time”;
    — “I take care of my baby on my own, no one helps me, and that’s why I can’t go to the gym”;
    — “I’m so exhausted by the end of my day / I am so busy throughout a day that I have no time / no energy to workout at home”.

    But a mom’s day (and even night) does allow a plenty of chances to train all muscle groups and to burn tons of calories. The older your child gets the more ways to lose weight you have. Check this out.


    Warming up

    — Dress and undress your resisting baby — 10 to 15 times a day. Wash a baby after puking — up to 10 times a day. Get a baby down for bed (complex workout) — several times a day plus getting ready for a night’s sleep.

    Main workout complex

    — Power walking with the baby stroller — 3 to 5 hours a day. A good baby always keeps an attentive eye on his mom’s weight and demands constant activity, not giving her a chance to sit on a bench idly.

    — Power walking with added weight — the baby in a sling is a constantly growing weight. Apart from all the advantages we get from walking, we also get an extra advantage of training your back and legs muscles.

    — Exercises for arm muscles — wash the baby under running water holding him suspended in your arms (up to 10-12 exercises a day). Don’t forget to change arms when carrying your kid around upright after feeding him so that both arms could get the same amount of training!

    — Exercises for all muscle groups (especially relevant during the period of baby colic) – rock the crying baby in your arms training your arm muscles — up and down.

    — Now use your trunk muscles — rocking your baby form side to side.

    — Extra load for your back and abs — rocking back and forth.

    — Let’s make your legs and butt work now — joggle your baby, making fast shallow squats.

    All these exercises can be combined with walking around the house or apartment. Make as many reps as you can during 10 minutes to an hour at one go. A number of times you can do this during a day is unlimited.

    Exercising at night

    — Rock your baby on a fitball, offering him your breast at the same time (you lose calories as your milk flows!), and singing lullabies (good to train your vocal cords).

    Bathing your baby right

    — Exercises for arm and back musclesbathe your baby in the evening, first in a small tub, then in a regular one. Bend down, standing beside the bath and holding your slippery baby and letting him “swim”. Duration: 10 to 6- minutes; repeat every day.

    Your baby tries to move around on his own

    Warming up

    Now you can replace the “washing your baby after puking” exercise with the “bathing your baby after attempts to give complementary food” exercise, and combine it with the “clean your kitchen from all the complementary food” exercise. The exercises of dressing-undressing-getting down to sleep are still relevant.

    Main workout complex

    Usually at this point the number of approaches for the “washing under running water” and “carrying around upright” exercises decreases. Also, skilled moms can decrease the number of approaches when doing the exercises for all muscle groups. Power walking and water procedures remain in your exercise list. Apart from this, there are also other exercises characteristic for this period.

    — Exercises for all muscle groups, especially arm muscles — carry your baby around the house or apartment in your arms, show him all the things you see on your way, and name them. 15 to 60 minutes per an approach, 3 to 4 approaches a day, gradually increasing the loading.

    — Exercises for back and abs muscles — do the cleaning with your baby in a sling, changing its position from the front to the back and then to the front again. Depending on your apartment size and your passion for cleaning, you can do these exercises every day, during an hour and longer.

    — Exercises for legs and buttocks — do squats to pick up a toy/a dummy/a spoon thrown on the floor and give it back to your baby. 15 to 20 times per an approach, up to 10 approaches a day. Another way to do this exercise — squat behind a bed’s headboard, hiding. Stand up with a happy loud “Peek-a-boo!” Up to 10 reps per an approach, several approaches a day. And one more way: squat to pick up everything your baby has found in kitchen cabinets, one item at a time.

    — Exercises for arms and breast muscles (especially effective if you do this with weights): close your face with your hands saying “Where’s my baby?”, then spread your arms aside energetically, exclaiming “There you are!” (Keep your back straight, try to keep your shoulder blades close together). 10 times per an approach, several approaches a day.

    Even despite the fact that a mom’s day is full of physical exercises, sometimes you do want to go into “regular” sport. If there’s no chance you can go to the gym every single day, you can buy or download a simple video course for home workouts. This being said, remember that it’s better to do active workouts involving dancing, jumping and flinging your arms or legs around only if you can confine your baby to his cot or play pen. Otherwise you’ll risk hitting or knocking down your baby. In case your precious little offspring has already won his right to move around without restrictions it is better to opt for exercise course involving smooth motions — like yoga, pilates, or body flex.

    The best thing about working out with your baby is not only how fun it is, and not only how good it is for your health. It also gives you a wonderful opportunity to establish a special emotional bond with your child. Besides, all the precious memories about this magical moments spent together will stay with you forever.

    In the next article check out the exercises you can do with your already a bit grown up kid.

    So what about you? Will you use our tips for exercising with your baby? Or perhaps you have designed your own workout complex for moms? Share your thoughts with us in a comment section below.


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