Fun Ways to Get a Slim Body Back – Workouts with Toddlers for Busy Moms

    Slim Body

    Now that your baby has grown up a bit the workouts that you do to get your desired slim body are getting more active and much more interesting.

    Your baby is about to make his first steps

    Warming up

    At this stage we keep doing lots of things we did before: dressing and undressing the baby, cleaning both your kitchen and your child after dining on supplementary food, washing the baby and getting him/her down to sleep. Washing your toddler under running water has become such a regular routine by now that it can be transferred to light warmup category.

    Main workout complex

    During this period you should keep doing exercises with your baby in a sling, including power walking and doing chores about the house. Keep on doing all the exercises involving picking up things like toys, dinnerware, and books from the floor, enhancing the number of approaches and reps significantly. Walking with baby stroller becomes not so lengthy. Different kinds of exercises for advanced-level moms take its place.

    Exercises for all muscle groups, with special elaboration of back muscles — stand up and put your baby right in front of you, with his/her back facing you. Bend down and take your baby’s hands into yours. Walk him around the house or around the outdoor yard. Depending on how eager your toddler is to have this walk, spend 5 to 45 minutes per an approach; the number of approaches per a day may vary greatly. Increase time spent of the exercise gradually. This type of exercise works quite well when combined with the following.

    — Exercises for arm and back muscles. Take up your kid tired after the walk into your arms. Realize you are good 300 meters away from home. Carry your child home, changing supporting hands from time to time. Rejoice at the thought that some part of food you give your kid does get into his/her mouth in the end, judging from heavy your child has become. Not all the food gets spread all over your kitchen. Yay! Don’t you worry; you will have the chance to clean the food that did get into your kid later, doing the “bathe your kid” exercise.

    — Exercises for legs, arms, patience, and creative skills — pick up a toy block, bend down to pick up another one. Put one block atop of another. Bend down do pick yet another one up. Repeat till you build a block tower. Give your kid a happy chance to destroy the construction. Start anew. Up to 5 reps per an approach, up to 5 approaches a day.

    Your baby’s on the move

    Warming up

    Keep on doing the usual warming up routine, trying to lessen the number of “bathe your kid” exercise approaches if possible. To make your exercise routine more diverse, combine every washing, preparing for sleep and dressing-undressing approach with the “catch your baby” exercise. For those moms who are more persistent we recommend doing an arm muscle exercise — “clean your baby’s teeth with a toothbrush” — 2 reps a day, morning and evening.

    Main workout complex

    Exercises involving building bock towers (and other constructions like that) make special sense during this period. Also, this is the time when you can exercise in picking up your baby’s toys from the floor in full measure. We recommend doing two versions of this exercise: squat to pick up every toy, one at a time, training your legs and buttocks muscles or bend down doing the same to train your back and legs muscles. Say, at least 20 toys per an approach, 2-3 approaches a day as a minimum.

    — Exercise for keeping balance: stand on all fours, and walk around moving a toy car around the floor. Keep your back straight, don’t arch it and don’t slouch. Another way to do this — walk around on all fours with your very happy kid riding on your back.

    — Aerobic and muscle-building exercises — catch the baby trying to run away from you, breaking into running from a standing start position with big acceleration amplitude. Catch up with him right at a roadside/playground exit/shop exit/at the very moment he/she falls down from a slide or a ladder.

    Special seasonal and outdoor exercises

    Apart from the above-mentioned exercises there are those that don’t depend on how old your child is.

    — Pushing a baby stroller through (wet) snow — this exercise is great for your abs, arms, back of your hips and buttocks. Watch your breath.

    — Pulling a sled across the bold patches in the snow — similar to the previous exercise. It involves jerk loading, and usually this type of exercise is done while crossing a road. For a change, you can combine this exercise with the exercises involving building snowmen and snow castles.

    — Gathering and snatching all kinds of small garbage from your kid’s hands — this exercise is for walks in the warmer months of the year. Depending on what your goals are, you and your child can cooperate gathering small stones/twigs/flowers (bends and squats, 10 to 15 reps per an approach, 2-3 approaches per a walk) or take cigarette stubs, pieces of glass, wrapping and beer bottles away from your baby.

    — Lifting a baby stroller — a muscle-building exercise. Doing it is as simple as it can be: you lift the baby stroller with your child in it, and take it down from the porch or take it up on the porch. This exercise is also great for training your balancing skills. The transformer baby stroller can weigh up to 15 kilos! In this case your kid is playing a part of added weight. In case you decide to visit a shop or two on your way, you’ll get a chance to do some extra reps of this exercise.

    And for those moms who can be rightfully called the experts of mommy workouts, we offer such creative exercises as “carry a sleeping three-year-old out of subway without waking him/her up” and “make a subway trip with a baby stroller — with two route transfers and no helpers.”

    Skills of an advanced-level mom

    After successfully completing the mommy fitness course, a woman should not only be capable of bringing any disaster to a full stop. Now she’s strong enough to:

    — walk long distances carrying her weighty child in her arms, supporting the precious toddler with one arm and carrying a heavy shopping bag in another.
    — run fast through cross-country terrain dotted with sand-pits and swings.
    — lull anyone and anything off to sleep, even if it’s just a shopping trolley (with no kid in it).

    There are only two downsides to this course. The first one lies in the fact that your legs, arms and back get the most of the training load. This means that you should do some extra exercises for your abs muscles. The second is that when you lose weight and become slender as a willow wand (thanks to this method), you would really want to have another child. Here’s a little secret we’d like to share: having another baby will bring you to a whole new level of mommy fitness. You will become miraculously dexterous and resourceful with two kids of different age, we can guarantee that much. So don’t let the perspective daunt you! Your kids are what’s the most important — and you can believe us when we say that they will take care of your extra pounds.

    Many fitness centers are happy to see moms with kids. Who else would occupy their fitness equipment in a day time if it wasn’t for moms on a maternity leave? You should do some inquiring: in some places there are even baby fitness groups for kids aged one and older. And at some gyms there are also playrooms for 2-3 year olds.

    Working out with your baby is a great way to get energy you will surely need while taking care about your fidgety little one. What can be better than spending time with your kid and getting fit and full of energy at the same time?

    Do you have any tips as to mommy workouts? Do share your experience with other parents!


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