Foil Pictures

    Foil Pictures

    In today’s article I continue the topic about creative mind development and offer you and your 11 month old toddler to create foil pictures.

    You will need:

    – cardboard,
    – a pencil,
    – thick glue (preferably a tube, curable to a solid state)
    – aluminum foil (or maybe you have colorful one?)

    Progress (just 3 steps)

    Involve your baby into this interesting activity. Let him do all the steps on his own, if he can’t – help him.

    Step 1

    Take the cardboard and the pencil and draw the outline drawing of the future masterpiece. Try to do a big picture.

    Step 2

    Outline the ready drawing with the thick glue. You can do it straight from the tube or with a brush (as your baby prefers. Try not to your toxic glue). Wait until the glue completely dries up.

    Step 3

    Cover the glue drawing with the foil. Wrap its edges and corners under the back of the cardboard. Finally you can draw! Let your baby press the foil along the glue lines with his fingers or hands so that “glue” lines were bulged, and then you can paint any designs you want with a hard and thin object: lines, circles, rhombuses, etc.

    And now a trick!

    For the picture to be more legible and picturesque, do the following: cover the whole picture with a thick black (or dark colored) gouache or shoe polish, and then before it dries up, wipe the picture with a paper towel (or an unnecessary cloth). The effect will be the following: all gouache on the picture and, especially, on the convex parts, will be rubbed off, and will remain just in the pits! The drawing has become clearer!

    You should know

    – Your baby learns about the properties of new material – metal foil, and learns to work with these properties.

    – Baby will know that it is possible to draw without pencils or paints and it is no a less exciting activity. This opens up a new facet of fine art for his imagination – the creation of three-dimensional engravings.

    – This helps your baby develop his fine motor skills and develop his language faster as a result.

    Have you ever tried this art? I’ll be glad to know about your experience in drawing on the foil! Share your story below!


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